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The Roger C. Lipitz Center for Integrated Health Care

Keyword: health policy

Affording Genetic Therapies in the Medicaid Program

A study by Jeromie Ballreich, Ijeamaka Ezebilo, and Joshua Sharfstein in JAMA Pediatrics explores potential solutions to the challenge of the high cost of genetic therapies and other specialty drugs for diseases of childhood. Findings suggest a pooled subscription model negotiated across therapies and Medicaid programs may allow manufacturers to focus on the cooperation necessary for the administration of these complex therapies and help achieve the shared public and private goal of assuring access to care. 

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Family Caregivers’ Experiences With Health Care Workers in the Care of Older Adults With Activity Limitations

A study by Jennifer Wolff, Vicki Freedman, John Mulcahy, and Judith Kasper in JAMA Open Network finds nearly one-half of caregivers were never asked by older adults' clinicians about whether they needed help in managing care. Caregivers of adults with dementia were more likely to report being asked about needing help, but no more likely to be asked about whether they understood treatments or felt listened to by healthcare professionals. Further investigation into how to create and sustain supportive relationships between caregivers and older adults' health care workers may facilitate higher-quality care. ...Read More

Older Americans' Preferences Between Lower Drug Prices and Prescription Drug Plan Choice, 2019

A study by Mariana Socal and Gerard Anderson in the American Journal of Public Health examines whether older adults would be willing to trade greater choice of drug prescription plans in exchange for lower drug prices. Study findings indicate that older adults prefer lower spending over prescription plan choice, and that this association is stronger among older adults in worse health, with lower education, and lower income. ...Read More