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International Health

2012 Humanitarian Assistance Award
Tim Roberton, MPH


The Humanitarian Assistance Award is presented by the Center for Refugee and Disaster Response and is a gift from the Center’s Advisory Committee. This year’s recipient, Tim Roberton, is a DrPH candidate in the Department. Later this year, he intends to use the Humanitarian Assistance Award to travel to Burkina Faso to conduct in-depth interviews with members of the humanitarian community. This opportunity—which would not have been possible without the Award—will allow him to better understand how community health workers can contribute in humanitarian emergencies. After he completes his dissertation on the role of community health workers in Burkina Faso, he’d like to take on a technical leadership role in the delivery of health-sector relief projects.

Before coming to Johns Hopkins, Tim spent 3 years working in the Palestinian Territories and the North Caucasus. He also worked for shorter periods in Banda Aceh, Malawi and Georgia. Tim held positions with World Vision and the Australian Red Cross, with responsibility for a range of health projects: mobile medical teams for displaced families, child friendly spaces, rehabilitation of health clinics, and the restoration of blood transfusion services.