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Student FAQs for 4th Term AY19-20

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Please review Q&A from Virtual Happy Hour and Student Affairs COVID-19 FAQ's for 4th term instruction.

Student Affairs Offices: Contact Information
We will either answer your questions via email or call you. Please include a phone number in your email. For more information about each office, visit the Student Affairs webpage. Meetings are by appointment. To request an appointment, use the contact information below.


Admissions Services

Career Services

Disability Services

Financial Aid

Records and Registration

Student Life

Student Accounts:

Admissions Services FAQ

Have admissions deadlines changed?
All April 15 admissions deadlines have been extended to June 1 to accommodate business and school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be sure to submit your application as soon as possible and allow extra time for supporting documents (test scores, transcripts, credential evaluations, and recommendation letters) to arrive and be processed by SOPHAS.

I am a newly admitted student for 2020-2021. When will I hear about scholarship aid awards?
Each academic department at the Bloomberg School administers and awards scholarships. Typically, all admitted students are onsidered by their academic departments for available funding awards. No separate funding application is required, and department send award notifications directly to students. Excluding MPH students in the Bloomberg Fellowship Program, all admitted MPH students are considered by the MPH Program Office for scholarship assistance.

I am a newly admitted student for 2020-2021. When will I hear about financial aid awards?
All completed aid applications received by our March 15 priority deadline will receive a financial aid notice in sufficient time to make your enrollment decision before the April 15 admission decision deadline. The office processes applications on a rolling basis as it completes an applicant's file.

Career Services FAQ

I need to have my resume reviewed. Can I still meet with someone?
Career Services is available to meet with students via phone or Zoom. Please email for an appointment.

Disability Services

I am registered with Disability Services. Will I still receive accommodations for online classes?
Student Disability Services (SDS) is working with University administration to ensure that fourth-term newly online courses will be accessible and inclusive. Accommodations may need to be adjusted to fit the new delivery mode. We are here to work with students and faculty through this process. Please contact us at

Can I still register for accommodations for fourth term?
Yes. For information on the accommodations process, please visit our webpage:

Financial Aid Office

How do I determine if my application is complete?
Login to your SIS account and check your To-Do-List. Any required documents can be submitted via password-protected email to You should send the password in a separate email.

When will students receive their 4th term financial aid disbursement?
Fourth-term financial aid disbursed on March 13.

I am going to register late for 4th term. When will my financial aid disburse?
The financial aid office continuously monitors student enrollment. Your aid will disburse within 2-3 business days after we’ve confirmed your eligible enrollment.

Will the financial aid office be able to process my private loan funds?
Yes, the financial aid office will be able to certify new private loan requests. When funds have been released by your lender we will notify the Student Accounts Office.

When will I receive my 4th term refund?
The Student Accounts Office will process refunds within a week of your aid disbursement being credited.

How do I adjust my 4th term loan disbursement?
Complete and submit a Loan Adjustment Form available on the financial aid office website.

Can I still apply for a loan for 4th term?
The deadline to apply is April 24. You must be enrolled for at least six credits. Please complete the 2019-2020 FAFSA and the Public Health Student Aid Application available in SIS.

I have a question about financial aid. How can I reach the office?
The staff of the financial aid office are available to assist you via email to or telephone at 410-955-3004. Allow 24-48 hours for us to research your email question and respond. You may also email the office to schedule a face-to-face meeting via Zoom.

I’m having trouble logging into SIS. Who can help me?
Email the Financial Aid Office with details of your login steps and a screen shot of the error message that you are receiving.

I’m currently employed under the Federal Work-Study Program. Can I continue working?
The suspension of classes has no bearing on the student’s ability to work as the university is still open, assuming students feel comfortable coming to campus.

Records & Registration and Course Questions

Will Commencement happen this year?
As indicated in President Daniel’s email, Commencement will be held virtually this year. Click for FAQs for ceremony information.

As a PhD student who just defended, could you clarify what your thoughts are regarding commencement ceremonies in May? I think most of us are deeply disappointed by the idea of a “zoom commencement.” Frankly I would rather delay and come back for a future commencement whenever this pandemic ends.
We are thinking hard about what we can do. We are looking at a virtual commencement in May, followed by something in the Fall, possibly here in Baltimore or regionally. We are brainstorming and working to find ways to make this important milestone meaningful. The University is working with a production company to make the event special, but we are still looking to students to give us input on their preferences. We plan to survey graduating students and are open to ideas about how to recognize these important milestones, in the Spring, and then in the Fall.

Can I get my money back for the regalia?
Yes, there will be a process to get a refund. The bookstore is working to provide information to graduates.

Could all students have access to Zoom Pro?
Information on Student Zoom accounts can be found at this link.  This is the information on the portal regarding Zoom accounts for students. 

Can I take concentration classes pass/fail 4th term?
Yes, you can take any class pass/fail for 4th term. In Dean MacKenzie’s email on March 27, she writes: “I trust you have seen the notice from the Provost’s Office regarding the expansion of Pass/Fail grading across the University. In that spirit, please find below a temporary change to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health policy regarding Pass/Fail grades, which gives you the option to take any classes Pass/Fail during the current term, including those that are required for your degree or certificate.” Please see Dean MacKenzie’s email on March 27, 2020, for details.

Where can I find records and registration forms?
All forms are accessible here and can be submitted to by the published deadlines for processing.

How do I request transcripts?
Transcripts can be ordered via the National Student Clearinghouse (or via SIS Self Service under the Registration menu). While requests for electronic delivery will continue to be processed, there may be significant disruptions to paper copy requests. Please select electronic delivery when possible.

How do I request an enrollment verification?
Enrollment verifications can be requested via SIS Self Service (under the Registration Menu) or by completing the Certified Letter request form. If possible, please include an email to which the letter can be sent and note there may be significant disruptions to requests for delivery by regular mail. The rush option is suspended until we resume regular operations.

The National Student Clearinghouse offers degree verification services to Employers and Student Service Providers. For students, Degree verifications can be requested by completing the Degree Verification request form. If possible, please include an email to which the letter can be sent and note there may be significant disruptions to requests for delivery by regular mail. There may also be significant delays in responding to faxed requests.

Are any deadlines for registration, add/drop, etc changing?
At this time, our deadlines will remain the same. Should they change, we will send communication to all students via student-L listserv.

I am supposed to hold my preliminary exam or defend my thesis. What do I do?
If your exam is scheduled, and you haven’t received a communication regarding the online option, please contact your thesis committee chair or advisor.

Will master’s thesis deadline change?
Yes, Master’s thesis deadline for spring 2020 graduation has been pushed back to May 1st. Please continue working with your advisor or thesis reader on submitting.

Will in person classes start again later in 4th term?
No, all of 4th term classes will happen remotely.  See Hub article for more information.

Student Life

I’m stressed, can I talk with a counselor?
Yes. Contact JHSAP to schedule an appointment. Visit or call 443-287-7000. JHSAP provides 24/7 support.

I am sick. How do I access University Health Services (UHS)?
Check out UHS’s website for up to date directions: Please call: 410-955-1892 prior to walking over to the UHS clinic. If you receive a voicemail, leave a message and clinicians will call you back.

Is Student Life available to meet with students for coaching and advising?
Student Life is available to meet with students via phone or Zoom. Please email for an appointment.

Would gym fees be refunded?
The Cooley Center Gym is free to students unless you sign up for classes. The Cooley Center is looking into what to do for individuals who signed up for classes and will not be able to take them.   

Can the student parking fee be cancelled?
Yes, students can cancel parking. Please contact Steve Bazzetta via email to cancel your parking. 

What can I do if I experience bias or harassment in an online learning environment?
Bias and harassment are taken seriously and should be reported to the Office of Institutional Equity. Please contact 410-516-8075 or email us at, or to schedule an appointment to speak with a representative from OIE or visit or to fill out an online report.

How do I request religious accommodations for my online learning?
Please visit and fill out the Request for Religious Workplace Accommodation form to request a reasonable religious accommodation.

Can I order computers and IT equipment from the School’s IT Department?
Unfortunately the School’s IT does not order equipment for students. There are many online vendors that are still operational.

I know there is a PPE drive going on. Is there a way for folks to donate?
Yes, information on the PPE drive can be found at: There are two drop off locations in the School at the Wolfe Street Building on the third and eighth floors just near the Monument Street elevators.

Are there ways to volunteer at the Hospital?
If JHSPH students want to volunteer with the Johns Hopkins Hospital they need to coordinate arrangements with hospital personnel and the student must adhere to all current hospital volunteer guidelines.

How can I get find out about or get involved in COVID19 response opportunities?
General updates from the School and newsletter signups are available at:  Complete and submit this google form to the Office of Public Health Practice if you are a Bloomberg School of Public Health student interested in response activities and opportunities to assist:

International Students

I’m an international student. Do I need to do anything with my visa?  I can only take one online class with my visa.
First, we want to assure you that the move to remote instruction will not have a negative effect on your visa status.  As you are aware, it is important for F-1 students to maintain their visa status which typically includes restrictions on the number of online (remote) courses you can count towards full-time enrollment. The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), the U.S. Government entity that manages the F-1 visa program, issued a statement recognizing the need for universities to hold classes remotely as a preventive measure under these special circumstances. Therefore, engaging in online courses during this time is not considered a violation of your F-1 status.

Does the new grading policy affect any visa requirements for international students?
OIS confirmed: “Grades of pass/fail for credit are fine.” Pass/Fail grades for credit classes will not have a negative effect on your visa.

Are there contingency plans for international students who are not able to travel back to their countries after 4th term ends?
International students in F-1 status still need to depart the U.S. within the 60-day grace period after their last registered class day unless they have applied for OPT.  Students applying for OPT can remain in the U.S. while the application is pending. Likewise, J-1 students have a 30-day grace period.  If they have applied for Academic Training, they can remain in the U.S. until their training begins. The government has not provided regulatory relief that would permit an international student to remain in the U.S. beyond the grace period and still be considered in valid F or J status.

Will OPT deadlines be extended by OIS?
The OIS doesn’t have OPT deadlines.  By regulation, F-1 students can apply for OPT up to 90 days prior to their last day of classes and up to 60 days after that.  USCIS has not extended the deadline for applying for OPT.  We’re not able to see students in person so we’re scheduling OPT appointments by phone.  When students submit an OPT request, they’ll be informed of the option to schedule a phone appointment.  Students should keep in mind that they must be in the U.S. when they submit the OPT application.

For more information pertaining to international students and Covid-19 please see the FAQ at Office of International Services site.

Archives of this FAQ can be found at COVID-19 News and Information share point site.