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Student Assembly

Student Groups

Student Groups are the heart and soul of the Student Assembly's work and presence on campus.

Interested in starting a student group? Review our guidelines for starting a new student group today. If you have additional questions or concerns related to student groups, you can contact the Vice President for Student Groups at

Current Bloomberg School Student Groups

African Public Health Network

African Public Health Network is a student/faculty run association established in May 1991 at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health to create a forum for exchange of ideas, information, experiences as well as training and research collaboration related to Public Health issues of special concern to Africa. The Network consists of Africans and non-African are like who share this concern. It is a vibrant group which organizes many programs during the course of the year which serve to promote these interests.

AHIMSA Students for Non-Violence

AHIMSA aims to raise awareness of violence as both a human rights and public health issue and mobilize the Johns Hopkins community to take action. AHIMSA’s efforts draw attention to the health consequences of violence, specifically GBV, and our role as public health practitioners to address related challenges both domestically and internationally. AHIMSA hopes that these efforts will mobilize future global health leaders to incorporate aspects of violence prevention and response into their work in all corners of the world.

Alcohol Research Forum

The Alcohol Research Forum will discuss alcohol use as a public health issue and the influential factors associated with alcohol use, including marketing, epidemiology, and issues with the industry. Classic and new research in the field will be reviewed and critically analyzed. Members will gain a broader understanding of the social and health effects surrounding alcohol use and the public health best practices for addressing the issue at a local, national, and international level.

Anna Baetjer Society

The Anna Baetjer Society for Public Health Practice is the academic, professional and social home for Bloomberg School MPH students eager to translate their educational experience into public health practice outside of the classroom.

Our goal is to make a difference in the health of communities – local, regional, national and international – through service and by fostering constructive change. We also aim to provide students with meaningful extracurricular activities, as well as opportunities to connect with alumni and public health professionals throughout the world.

Asian-Pacific Public Health Network (APPHN)

The purpose of APPHN is to promote public health in the Asian-Pacific Region. We aim to provide a platform to share the region’s unique and diverse health challenges through social and educational events. This group will promote a strong sense of community among students and faculty.

Baltimore Student Harm Reduction Coalition (BSHRC)

The Baltimore Student Harm Reduction Coalition is comprised of a diverse group of students, health professionals, and community members who are committed to harm reduction principles and who engage in education, advocacy, and service, in the Baltimore area and nationwide.

Behavioral Health International Group (BHIG)

The Behavioral Health International Group is a student-run organization for those interested in the cultural and contextual experiences of mental health and psychosocial needs around the world.

Our mission is to:
• Provide a forum for learning about and discussing the many complexities involved in assessing and responding to mental health and psychosocial needs in diverse global contexts.
• To advocate for those with mental health and psychosocial needs in communities with low resources, stigma, and varying perspectives on medicine and health.
• To develop and enhance interdepartmental and cross-school collaboration at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health toward the promotion of global mental health and psychosocial issues.
• To enhance student academic and professional development through opportunities to network with colleagues and professionals working in fields related to global mental health.

Bhakthi Yoga and Vegetarian Club

We would like to promote the benefits of consuming healthy vegetarian food. Along with this we also want to introduce Bhakthi yoga and meditation to everyone. We will be holding weakly free vegetarian feasts, Bhakthi yoga and meditation retreat.

Biomedical Scholars Association (BSA)

The Biomedical Scholars Association (BSA) is a tri-school organization that celebrates diversity and supports minority graduate students and postdoctoral fellows academically, professionally, and socially within the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute community. We aim to create meaningful change both within and outside the Hopkins community. Our commitment to diversity includes fostering cultural understanding amongst our members and the Hopkins community at large.

Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA)

The Black Graduate Student Association dedicates itself to the enhancement of the graduate experience for Black students. These efforts extend across the entire spectrum of the graduate experience, including the transition from undergraduate to graduate school, providing academic support, networking and career opportunities, providing opportunities for fellowship, and creating a safe, inclusive intellectual environment. We seek to expand, diversify, and advance the knowledge of all Hopkins students by exposing the Johns Hopkins community to events and programming that celebrate Black culture and address issues relevant to the Black community.

Bloomberg South Asian Graduate Association (SAGA)

SAGA is a student group based at the Johns Hopkins Schools of Public Health, Medicine and Nursing that seeks to bring together interested members of the Hopkins community and promote professional, social and cultural interaction.

Child Health Society

The Child Health Society (CHS) aims to heighten awareness and promote advocacy within the school and surrounding community about public health concerns that affect children. Our mission is to educate the Hopkins community about issues in Child Health, reach out to the local community with projects to improve the lives of Baltimore’s children, to try and find ways to reach out globally.

Chinese Public Health Forum (CPHF)

Chinese Public Health Forum (CPHF) is a student group composed of graduate students, scholars, and alumni coming from Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University. The events includes Academic Forum focusing on the heated public health issues in China, and Career Advising Seminars. The CPHF is aimed to offer opportunities for better planning of public health research and career development.

Chronic Diseases and Aging Initiative

The Chronic Diseases and Aging Initiative aims to bring together students and researchers of all fields who are interested in issues related to aging and chronic diseases, promoting opportunities to multi-disciplinary exchange.

Department of Health Policy and Management Student Coordinating Committee

The Student Coordinating Committee in the Department of Health Policy and Management is a group dedicated to the formal representation of student interests and perspectives on departmental committees as well as the improvement of student quality of life.

Environmental Health Sciences Student Organization (EHSSO)

A student-run organization committed to providing social, volunteer, and skill-building activities to students in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences as well as other individuals interested in the field of Environmental Health Sciences.

Epidemiology Student Organization

The Epidemiology Student Organization (ESO) was established in 1982 to facilitate student-to-student and student-to-faculty communication and to advocate for student needs. The organization is comprised of all students associated with the Department of Epidemiology. It is a forum for planning various student activities, ranging from the organization of study groups for the comprehensive examinations to social activities.

GenUN Hopkins

GenUN is a national initiative of UNA-USA (United Nations Association of the USA) to engage and energize young supporters around UN issues. As an action-oriented platform, GenUN Hopkins provides a vehicle for young people to get involved in global issues. GenUN Hopkins also empowers a new generation of young Americans to be leaders in helping the UN build a better world for all. UNA-USA’s Johns Hopkins campus chapters offer students from all the Johns Hopkins University Schools an opportunity to lead and advocate in their communities. GenUN is guided by two missions: (1) Build leadership skills that will propel students forward while making a difference globally; (2) Dive into some of the most pressing issues facing the world today, including energy and climate, girls and women, global health, and peace and security.

Gerontology Interest Group

The Gerontology Interest Group (GIG) creates opportunities for JHSPH students who share an interest in aging and the well-­‐‑being of older people to meet, network, and collaborate.

The GIG is dedicated to the interdisciplinary exploration of aging issues as they relate to public health. The group’s main goals are 1) to foster networking and collaboration among students interested in gerontology across all departments and degree programs at JHSPH; 2) to explore multidisciplinary approaches to aging-­‐‑related research; and 3) to be a coordinating entity for academic and service activities focusing on the older population.

Gertrude Stein Society

The Gertrude Stein Society is an organization for lesbian, gay and bisexual members of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, including the Schools of Nursing, Public Health and Medicine.

Global mHealth Initiative (GmI)

JHU GmI SLG is a student-run organization that serves to connect students and faculty interested in mHealth. JHU GmI SLG promotes student interest in mHealth through educational seminars, leadership opportunities, and access to mHealth resources on campus. The group has representatives from SPH, SOM, SON, Carey Business school and Whiting School of Engineering in an effort to stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration in the mHealth domain.

Green Student Group

The purpose of the Green Student Group (GSG) is to facilitate student action to increase the environmental sustainability of JHSPH.

Health Behavior and Society Student Organization (HBSSO)

The Health, Behavior and Society Student Organization (HBSSO) serves as a liaison between students and faculty in the Department of Health, Behavior and Society (HBS). HBSSO's mission is to represent student interests and concerns and communicate these concerns to HBS faculty. We seek to enrich the student experience by organizing events, panels and seminars that reflect student interest and are aligned with the mission of HBSSO.

Health Policy and Management Student Coordinating Committee (HPM SCC)

HPM SCC is responsible for listening to student concerns, representing student interests and perspectives on departmental committees, and working to improve student quality of life in the department.

Healthcare Business Association (HBA)

The Johns Hopkins Healthcare Business Association (HBA) is a student run organization with a mission to provide a platform for students to learn about the business of healthcare, to interact with current members and alumni of the Johns Hopkins University, and to develop relations with industry leaders and peer universities within healthcare.

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is a student group which partners volunteers from the Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health with Commodore John Rogers (CJR) Elementary and Middle School math classes (grades 3-8). Volunteers commit to one class period per week to assist with math class instruction. Classes are typically large (>25 students) with varying levels of math ability, so volunteers usually work with smaller groups of students to provide more individualized instruction. The goals of Healthy Minds are to improve CJR students math aptitude as measured through period assessment testing, to give CJR students increased confidence in their abilities to solve difficult math problems, and to provide positive role models to students.

Hopkins Biotech Network

HBN’s mission is to create a stronger biotech community which addresses the interests of its members. We at HBN focus on critical issues in biotechnology and seek to bridge the gap between the three main stakeholders in the biotech field: industry, academia, and government. HBN serves Johns Hopkins University students interested in the field of biotechnology by connecting student professionals and the greater scientific and commercial communities. HBN focuses on meeting the needs of those interested in enhancing their understanding of the biotechnology industry, cutting edge technologies, and all aspects of bioentrepreneurship.

Hopkins Dance Club

Hopkins Dance Club is an organization for members of the JHU community who share a love of dancing. The club promotes various types of partner-style and social dances (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Swing, Tango, Country Line Dancing, Contra and Square Dancing, Hip Hop, Breakdancing and more)! The club organizes group lessons, workshops and social dancing events on the Medical and Homewood campuses, in addition to hosting group outings to local dancing clubs and studios. The goal is to provide a friendly forum for meeting new people and socializing with friends while learning fun and exciting new dances.

Hopkins Honey

Honeybees pollinate one third of our food source. They play a central role in local ecosystems and provide a valuable commodity that can be incorporated into a healthy nutrition plan. Recently across the world, colonies have been dying for unknown reasons, threatening local pollination. Our goal is to maintain our beehive at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health for pollination, honey production, and educational purposes. The JHSPH beehive will benefit the East Baltimore landscape and be used to educate the Hopkins community about honey as part of a healthy diet, which is especially important with increasing concerns about Diabetes, and as a therapy against allergies.

Hopkins Marathon Team (HMT)

HMT is a university-wide student group dedicated to promoting personal health and fitness through running. We aim to provide an environment in which both novice and seasoned runners may thrive and achieve personal goals related to running, whether this means finishing a half marathon or marathon, setting a new personal record, qualifying for the Boston Marathon or simply to keep on running. To accomplish this, HMT organizes weekly long runs in and around Baltimore, provides structured training plans, hosts social events, and encourages experienced runners to give personalized and supportive training advice to novice runners.

Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory is the collaborative student-led organization with the mission to foster the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the Johns Hopkins community by facilitating access to learning, networking, and investment opportunities.

We believe that by connecting students, alumni, faculty, and friends from Hopkins' nine schools, we can help develop a thriving ecosystem where ideas are shared, problems are solved, and opportunity is cultivated.

International Society of Pharmacoeconomic Outcomes Research (ISPOR)

The purpose of the ISPOR Student Chapter at Johns Hopkins University is to provide an environment where students can share their ideas and knowledge in pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes research with other students. The group aims to serve as a resource for new students in the field and provide professional development opportunities by bringing together students and members in the pharmaceutical industry, health-related organizations and academia. We also provide an opportunity for students involved in the student chapter to become familiar and be involved in the ISPOR organization.

International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) Student Chapter

The International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) is an international organization dedicated to advancing the health of the public by providing a forum for the open exchange of scientific information and for the development of policy, education, and advocacy for the field of pharmacoepidemiology, including such areas as pharmacovigilance, drug utilization research, comparative effectiveness research, and therapeutic risk management.

J.B. Grant Society

An opportunity for students to come together with faculty and alumni to discuss current health problems in developing countries, and to explore solutions to those health problems.

JHU Peace Corps Group (JHUPCG)


 Johns Hopkins Business and Consulting Club (JHBCC)

The Johns Hopkins Business and Consulting Club (JHBCC) aims to introduce graduate students, medical students, staff, physicians, scientists and post-doctoral fellows of Johns Hopkins University to the world of business and consulting. JHBCC shares current trends and best practices in the consulting industry and helps members develop business knowledge and skills through seminars, case studies and business journal clubs. JHBCC also hosts networking events where recruiters, entrepreneurs, business school faculty and consultants from elite firms provide career/case coaching and mentorship to our members.

Johns Hopkins Graduate Muslim Student Assosciation

The Johns Hopkins Graduate Muslim Student Association caters to all of Johns Hopkins Graduate students. We promote interaction and communication among members of the Johns Hopkins community by organizing events and initiatives that increase understanding, education, and appreciation of Islam, and faith in general. We are dedicated to the messages of peace, tolerance, environmental stewardship, community service, health, and human rights. The JHGMSA is open to all.

Lab Science Student Group (LSSG)

The purpose of the Lab Science Student Group are to foster collaboration, communication and camaraderie between the three lab science departments (MMI, BMB and EHS) and the Biostatistics Department for the purpose of academic and professional development and peer mentorship/advisement.

Latino Public Health Network (Nuestra America)

Fostering a strong awareness among the Bloomberg School community about Latin America through cultural, educational and social activities.

Masters in Public Health (MPH)/Masters in Business (MBA) Society

The Johns Hopkins MPH/MBA Society is a student run organization focused on fostering a relationship between The Bloomberg School of Public Health and The Carey Business School and creating professional development opportunities with faculty and students at both universities.

Mental Health Student Group (MHSG)

Student group composed of members of the JHSPH community that share a passion for topics relevant to mental health research.

Modeling of Spatial & Temporal Data: Epidemiology Forum (MOST-DEF)

MOST-DEF provides a forum for students to discuss issues related to modeling of disease, with particular attention to models that address spatial and temporal variation in disease.

Molecular Microbiology and Immunology Student Group

The MMI Student Group is composed of students attaining various degrees within the department who work together to better student life inside and outside the department. The group plans department- and school-wide social events, and orchestrates the development of resources and opportunities for students within the department. The group also facilitates the communication and interaction between faculty and students.

Native Circle

The Purpose of this organization shall be:
1) To provide spiritual, emotional, personal and academic support for American Indian students
2) To bring awareness and understanding of American Indian culture to the greater Hopkins community
3) To help recruit American Indian students and scholars
4) To create dialogue for addressing issues related to American Indian health, education, social, economic and culture
5) To create a network of other educational centers and resources serving American Indian people
6) To provide an environment that supports the creative ideas of students interested in medicine, public health, and health related research

Partners in Health Engage (PIH Engage)

PIH Engage is building the right to health movement by recruiting, training, and enabling teams of dedicated volunteer community organizers. These teams drive year-long campaigns focused on building the power to advance the right to health.

We organize by building strong teams capable of hosting events, rallies, town hall meetings, and marches.
We educate by holding discussion groups and public lectures about the right to health.

We generate resources to fund high-quality health care for people living in poverty.
We advocate for global and domestic policies that further the right to health.

At Bloomberg School of Public Health we will work together and demand that the right to health be protected for all people, everywhere.

Project Bridge

Our mission is to foster public interest in primary science research. As scientists, we often find it difficult to express the excitement and importance of our work to our non-science family and friends. As such, we believe that conscious efforts must be made to create new advocates for science research. Project Bridge holds workshops for scientists to strengthen communication skills. We also utilize a grassroots approach to address these issues through our multiple community events. 

Public Health Christian Fellowship (PHCF)

PHCF is a non-denominational christian community that seeks to encourage believers to grow in their relationship with God, introduce others to Him, and inspire people to glorify God through the training they receive at the School of Public Health.

Social Epidemiology Student Organization

The Social Epidemiology Student Organization aims to bring together students and faculty from a variety of departments across the school of public health to explore research and methodology related to social epidemiology. The SESO aims to broaden the scope of epidemiology beyond a biomedical individualistic focus by facilitating students' understanding of social conditions as determinants of health at the population level. The SESO is a multidisciplinary forum for the dissemination of theory, methods, and findings related to macro-level factors influencing health. It is our objective to translate this knowledge into research that can serve as the evidence base for policies addressing social disparities in health.

Student Interest in Vision and Eye Health (SIVEH)

To lead, inspire, and encourage students interested in improving global vision and eye health. We welcome students interested in being involved in any aspect of eye health, including community outreach, humanitarian assistance, policy development, research and clinical work.

Surgery and Public Health

Surgery and Public Health is a student-led organization supporting the advancement of surgical care¾including that of surgical subspecialties¾through the public health spectrum. 


Thread engages underperforming high school students confronting significant barriers outside of the classroom by providing each one with a family of committed volunteers and increased access to community resources. We foster students’ academic advancement and personal growth into self-motivated, resilient, and responsible citizens.

Thread believes – and urges others to believe – that empathetic and enduring relationships are our society’s most essential form of wealth. This conviction stems from the understanding that at some point in each of our lives we have all felt alone. For some, this sense of isolation is momentary; for others, it lasts a lifetime. However long it lasts, it leaves unfulfilled our very human need to connect with and matter to others. We experience the “poverty of isolation.”