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Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research

CHSOR's 50th Anniversary

CHSOR, established as Health Services Research and Development Center (HSRDC) in 1969, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019

Anniversary Symposium: CHSOR/HSRDC’s 50 years of excellence

CHSOR 50th Anniversary Symposium 190x120CHSOR's 50th Anniversary Symposium was structured in two parts. In the first part, The Center's Past: Founders and Foundations of the HSRDC and CHSOR, the attendees looked backward at exciting, warm, provocative, funny, erudite, innovative, and bittersweet moments of CHSOR since the 1960s as Center alumni shared personal reflections on scholarly advances and social life of the Center. This part of the Symposium included reflections from Laura Morlock, Sheila West, David Salkever, David Celentano, Ann Skinner, and Kevin Frick.

CHSOR 50th Anniversary Symposium Flyer 120x190In the second part, The CHSOR of the Future: Trends and Developments to which We Must Attend, the attendees envisioned the future with senior futurist Jonathan Peck, President of the Institute for Alternative Futures. The scenarios included the dominance of local over federal health policies, resurgence of infectious diseases, artificial intelligence diagnostic and care access scheduling systems, and a new generation of care-at-home. The attendees took a leap into the future of health services and outcomes research as they interactively developed a future-looking research agenda for CHSOR with their colleagues and were not afraid to be ridiculous!

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Panel Discussion at Johns Hopkins:                                                      The Future of Health Services Research

Panel Future of Health Services Research, CHSORPanelists Darrell Gaskin, Claudia Salzberg, Stephen Shortell, and Jonathan Weiner; speaker Danielle Whicher; and moderator Albert Wu addressed challenges and future priorities for the field of Health Services Research at an important point. Health Services Research faces weakening funding and needs to enhance its message to gain support from governmental and non-governmental entities.

CHSOR 50th Anniversary Panel Discussion Flyer 120x190This situation calls for a dialogue within the Health Services Research community to take stock of priorities and reorganize itself. The panelists discussed aligning delivery of Health Services Research findings with the needs and expectations of policymakers and industry, translating findings to help organization-level decision making, communicating Health Services Research impact to various audiences, drawing information out of data, and identifying needs for Health Services Research education in the future. The field promotes even more multidisciplinary collaboration and team work, which CHSOR provides.   

Watch the Recording                                                            The Program