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May 30, 2003

Professors Named to Most Highly Cited Researchers List

Dr. James C. Anthony, professor in the Departments of Mental Health and Epidemiology, and Dr. Laurie Schwab Zabin, professor in the Department of Population and Family Health Sciences, were recently named to the Thompson ISI (founded as the Institute for Scientific Information) list of Highly Cited Researchers in the Social Sciences, General category. From among the many thousands of investigators who have published in the area of the social and behavioral sciences, Professors Anthony and Zabin are in a select group of the 228 most frequently cited contributors to scientific literature in this area.

Being named to the list of most highly cited researchers is a distinct honor. Thompson ISI determines inclusion in the list by indexing the world’s scholarly literature from a wide range of subjects and collects citation references from many millions of articles from the past 40 years. According to the Thompson ISI web page, “Citation is a key measure of influence in science and technology, because it is a highly informed interaction. When one researcher refers to the work of another, they are, in essence, acknowledging the influence that work has had on their own.” 

Thompson ISI identifies the most highly cited researchers from 21 broad subject categories in life sciences, medicine, physical sciences, engineering, and social sciences who have contributed to the progress of science through their insight and accomplishments. The Thompson ISI web page gives research professionals working in a variety of occupations an invaluable tool to identify individuals, departments, and laboratories that have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology in recent decades.

In March, Scott Zeger, PhD, professor and chair of the Department of Biostatistics, and Kung-Yee Liang, PhD, professor in the Department of Biostatistics, were named to Thompson ISI’s Highly Cited Researchers list in the field of mathematics.

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