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Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness


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Mental Health Preparedness

Disaster Mental Health Intervention
Describes the reasons why post-disaster mental health intervention is important and also describes the various intervention categories

Disaster Mental Health Planning
Discusses how health departments should plan ahead to provide post-disaster mental health assistance

Introduction to Mental Health and Disaster Preparedness
Introduces the topics of disaster mental health services, mental health surge capacity, and psychiatric first aid

Mental Health Consequences of Disaster
Examines disaster's impact on various parts of mental function and personality

Psychology and Crisis Response
Discusses two areas of crisis response (taking care of your personal mental health needs and addressing the mental health needs of public health responders) and concludes by examining the mental health threat of terrorism

Roots of Terrorism
Describes how government public health agencies and public health workers will function after a disaster and discusses the many duties that sanitarians must perform after a disaster

Examines the different types of stress and provides numerous methods to reduce personal stress

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