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Center for a Livable Future


Anne Palmer 

Anne has managed food and nutrition outreach at the Center for a Livable Future since 2006. In her efforts to increase awareness of the food system's impacts on health and the environment, she can often be found working with farmers, community advocates and local governments. She has partnered with Baltimore city officials, business owners and health professionals on a food policy task force, facilitated community food assessments, and designed programs to improve food security and demand for healthy food in the city.  She also co-teaches a course on Baltimore's food environment.

In her role at the Center, Anne has the opportunity to use her expertise in behavior change communication, community mobilization and advocacy to encourage interest in the food system. She says one of the most engaging aspects of her work is teasing out nuggets of truth from research and anecdotal evidence, and challenging conventional wisdom when it is wrong or distorted. In food systems work, she says, the deeper you drill, the more complicated things often get. 

Before coming to the Center, Anne spent 13 years developing and managing health communication campaigns and programs in Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Nepal. She holds a master's of international affairs degree in communication and development studies. 




Anne Palmer, MAIA
Program Director,

Food Communities & Public Health Program

"Food systems work requires a lot of examination and caveats. It isn't very black and white. It makes it very interesting but it also can be frustrating when you want to be definitive and it doesn't always work out that way. "

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