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Center for American Indian Health
415 N. Washington Street
4th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21231
phone: (410) 955-6931
toll free: 1-800-509-8456
fax: (410) 955-2010

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The Center's Training and Scholarship Program is dedicated to supporting current and future American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) health professionals in their educational and professional development.  We are committed to addressing health needs in Indian Country, and through our programs and partnership with tribes, strive to provide valuable tools necessary to strengthen from the inside out.

The Center has become an international leader in providing unique and specialized public health training opportunities for AI/AN and those interested in improving health in AI/AN communities. In order to help build local capacity to empower native communities, we teach public health and research fundamentals specific to traditional and cultural wisdom. This woven product is a beautiful fabric which we can draw from in order to address health needs. Our Center’s faculty partner with experts in AI/AN and Indigenous health issues from around the country and the world to provide exemplary educational opportunities at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and in the field.

The Center is honored to offer funding opportunities to AI/AN interested in public health and related professions. Contingent on current funding, we provide support for a range of academic pursuits from individual courses to full degree programs at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

We are constantly working to develop national training programs, increase scholarship resources and provide a supportive environment which directly advances AI/AN training in public health and health issues.

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