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Student Affairs

Deans for Students Network

The Deans for Students Network facilitates clear pathways of communication among the deans, individual students and the student body at large.

The purposes of the network, established in 1996, were identified as the following:

The responsibilities and activities of the network are currently shared among deans Laura Morlock, Janet DiPietro, Michael Ward and Stephen Gange with input from and collaboration from student members.

When to Contact the Deans for Students Network

Individual Student Concerns
Students are encouraged to contact the network by phone: 410-955-3610 for matters that have not been resolved through normal channels or are, in the student s opinion, not appropriate for discussion through these channels. Normal channels are considered students advisors, faculty, department student/academic coordinators, department chairs, and staff in the School s academic and administrative offices. Faculty, department chairs, and student and academic coordinators should also feel free to contact the DFSN for advice/information regarding individual student matters phone: 410-955-3610. The DFSN triage person will suggest/contact the appropriate dean or will bring the issue to the next DFSN meeting as appropriate.

Quality of Life Issues for All Students
Student concerns, recommendations, and ideas for improving the quality of life for all students at the School should be directed to the DFSN or to the Student Assembly for discussion and consideration as possible agenda items for a regular meeting of the Deans for Students Network. The student members in collaboration with the Student Assembly are responsible for developing an agenda for each meeting.

General Responsibilities and Examples of Typical DFSN Issues

Laura Morlock, PhD, Associate Dean for Education, is responsible for enhancing the educational excellence of the School and assisting faculty in achieving their career goals at the School.


Michael Ward, MEd, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, is responsible for the School's Student Affairs office. Student Affairs includes Admissions, Career Services, Disability Support Services, Financial Aid, Records and Registration, SOURCE and the Office of Student Life.  He typically handles issues related to student grievances and sexual harassment.

Janet DiPietro, PhD, Associate Dean for Research, is responsible for oversight of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and other aspects of research that involve either federal or School-based regulations, such as Conflict of Interest, Responsible Conduct of Research, data management, and related training.


Stephen Gange, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, is responsible for the School's academic enterprises including development of new innovative academic programs, the continuous evaluation of ongoing programs, and the relationship with other divisions regarding academic initiative. He also handles the resolution of faculty/student matters and issues of academic ethics.