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Fulbright U.S. Student Program


The Fulbright U. S. Student Program is the largest US exchange program, offering study and research grants for US citizens who are students (at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level) or young professionals to undertake advanced research and international graduate study overseas. There are also opportunities to teach English abroad at either the primary, secondary, or university levels.

Approximately 1,800 grants are awarded annually in all fields of study, in more than 155 countries worldwide. Grants are typically for one academic year, but applicants should read the Country Summaries on the Fulbright website for specific information about the countries that interest them.

Please visit Fulbright's Student Program page for more information about the Fulbright US Student Program.

Study/Research Grants enable students and recent graduates to design and undertake independent study programs abroad. Different countries have different requirements, so students should carefully read the country summaries on the Fulbright website for each country where they might consider applying.

Past Success

In past years, Hopkins students have been awarded grants for study in nations around the globe, including Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic, Brazil, the Netherlands, Ethiopia, Canada, Jamaica, and Uganda.

2014-2015 Recipients

2013 - 2014 Recipients 

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Applicants must:

Fulbright US Student Application Process

The annual cycle for the Fulbright US Student Program begins on March 31.

After reading the Fulbright website carefully and determining that they wish to apply for a Fulbright grant, students and recent alumni of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, School of Nursing and School of Medicine are encouraged to contact Felicity Turner (, who serves as the Fulbright Program Advisor for the East Baltimore campus.

Applicants may only submit one application per year: they may only apply for one type of grant (ie, either the Study/Research Grant or English Teaching Assistantship or Public Policy Fellowship) and they may only apply for one country.


Currently enrolled Bloomberg School, School of Nursing or School of Medicine students and recent alumni who wish to apply through JHU must submit their Fulbright application by noon on September 21, 2015. Please note that when you “Submit” your application on this date, it will make the application available to Felicity Turner, Fulbright Program Advisor for Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and not to Fulbright. You will still be able to edit your application later on in the process! This deadline is earlier than the official Fulbright deadline in order to give members of the Fulbright Campus Evaluation Committee at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health time to review the applications thoroughly, interview each candidate, provide feedback, and submit a written evaluation of each candidate to Fulbright; the early deadline also gives applicants time to revise their applications before the official deadline. Students who miss the campus deadline may apply at-large directly to Fulbright by the official Fulbright deadline.

Official announcements are made in the Spring, typically between March 1 and May 31, and grants usually begin in late Summer or Fall.

Application components:

Fulbright Website

The website contains a veritable trove of Fulbright information. Some highlights are:

Please contact Felicity Turner with questions about the Fulbright program or for more information about the application process, click here.