Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Idenity Guidelines

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The icon is symbolic of the School, its positioning and global presence. The icon can be separated from the name in restricted situations. For instance, it can be a useful branding mechanism when used as a subtle background graphic (as shown).

There are a variety of acceptable ways to enlarge and crop the icon. However, the icon should never be enlarged to the point that it is unidentifiable as part of the logo. Similarly, the icon should never be used small (such as a dingbat), or used separately from the School name at 100% of a color. For any special cases, please check with the Office of Communications.


The Icon should always appear as a subtle, enlarged graphic. It may move around the page according to the design.

The Icon may appear at no greater than a 15% screen tint of black, blue or olive when on a white background. The Icon may appear in 85% of a color on a 100% of that solid color.