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  • Projects Vitamin D Deficiency, Inflammation and Age-related disease in HIV-Infected Men
  • Projects Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Training Program
  • Projects Advance Family Planning
  • Projects ALIVE - AIDS Linked to the IntraVenous Experience
  • Projects Arsenic Exposure, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes in Native Americans
  • Projects Aurora kinases
  • Projects Bacterial Chemotaxis
  • Projects Barriers to Cervical Cancer Prevention in Hispanic Women: A Multilevel Approach
  • Projects Barriers to Smoking Cessation in Inner-City African American Young Adults
  • Projects BESURE Study: National HIV Behavioral Surveillance Study in Baltimore
  • Projects Black Lesbians and Aging: Understanding Healthcare Needs
  • Projects Blood Pressure Control Therapy Effectiveness for Slowing Progression in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Projects Chemical and Microbial Assessment of Sewage Spills
  • Projects Chronic Hydrocarbon Spills: Linking the Soil Microbiome to Biodegradation
  • Projects Cohesin complex
  • Projects Consolidated Youth Strategies Project Evaluation
  • Projects Culture-Quality-Collaborative (CQC)
  • Projects Early child care and risk of obesity
  • Projects End Stage Renal Disease Among HIV-Infected Adults in North America
  • Projects Evaluating the Impact of Family Planning on Male Reproductive Health Research Grant
  • Projects Functions of the SMC5/6 complex
  • Projects Genetics of glaucoma related traits
  • Projects Global Tobacco Control Leadership Program
  • Projects Health impacts of industrial poultry production
  • Projects Hepatitis C
  • Projects HIV prevention among MSM: A network approach-Baltimore
  • Projects Hospital at Home: Translation and Dissemination
  • Projects Identification and Enumeration of Pathogens in Drinking Water
  • Projects Impact of TB Prevention in New York City
  • Projects Improving Clinical Trials -- A Systems Based Approach
  • Projects Incorporating biomarkers to improve behavioral data collection and monitor the Baltimore HIV epidemic
  • Projects JHU LEAH Program
  • Projects Johns Hopkins Center of Excellence in Influenza Research and Surveillance (JH-CEIRS)
  • Projects Johns Hopkins HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Sciences Training Program
  • Projects Johns Hopkins Pediatric Obesity Research and Training Center
  • Projects Lancet Series on Maternal and Child Nutrition
  • Projects Licensing laws supporting healthy feeding and active play for infants and toddlers in early care and education
  • Projects Maryland BHIPP
  • Projects Mechanisms of Asthma Dietary Interventions against Environmental Triggers
  • Projects Middle Grades Partnership Evaluation
  • Projects MiDOT (Directly Observed Therapy) Mobile Health Pilot Study
  • Projects MWH-Global JHU Alliance
  • Projects National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS)
  • Projects North American AIDS Collaboration on Research and Design
  • Projects Novel approaches to characterize depressive symptoms and cognitive outcomes
  • Projects Outreach to Capitol Hill on Toxicology Policy
  • Projects Participatory Interventions to Reduce Arsenic Exposure in American Indian Communities
  • Projects Participatory Interventions to Reduce Arsenic Exposure in Native American Communities
  • Projects Patient Centered Approaches to Collect Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Information in the Emergency Department: The EQUALITY study
  • Projects PCV13 Impact Study
  • Projects Pediatric Integrated Care Collaborative
  • Projects Polo-like kinases
  • Projects Pore Network Modeling
  • Projects Preventing obesity in infants and toddlers in child care
  • Projects PROVE
  • Projects RHEA (Regional Healthcare Ecosystem Analyst)
  • Projects SHIELD - The Study of HIV Infection in the Etiology of Lung Disease
  • Projects Social Determinants of Breast Cancer Survivorship
  • Projects Social dynamics of HIV transmission in Baltimore
  • Projects Social networks, social resources, and HIV transmission
  • Projects STEP HIV prevention intervention--Baltimore
  • Projects Technology Enhanced Community Health Nursing (TECH-N)
  • Projects The BIOCARD Study
  • Projects The impact of intensive livestock production on the disease ecology of antibiotic resistant and pathogenic Staphylococcus
  • Projects The Study of Patient Attitudes Regarding Quality (SPARQ) Project
  • Projects Training in HIV-related Non-communicable Disease Complications in Malawi
  • Projects Transforming Cancer Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior through Narrative
  • Projects Ultrahigh-throughput virus-host cell picoreactor system for predictive modeling of viral evolution.
  • Projects Unjust Targeting: How Marketing Features Impact Consumer Response and Tobacco Use
  • Projects Urban fishing risks in Baltimore
  • Projects Virtual Populations for Obesity Prevention (VPOP)
  • Projects Why is Anti-Vaccine Communication so Persuasive?

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