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Elli Leontsini, MD

  • Assistant Scientist

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E5034 Hygiene
Baltimore, Maryland

410 955 3859
410 502 6733

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Understand social, cultural and behavioral factors in community-based disease prevention and control in resource-poor settings.  Utilize social, cultural and behavioral information in the design of community-based public health interventions.  Develop and test community-based health behavior change strategies.  Involve local communities, private voluntary organizations, national level institutions and other social actors in all aspects of public health programs.

  • formative research
  • operations research
  • survey methods, ethnographic research methods
  • qualitative research methods
  • behavioral trials
  • trials of improved practices
  • program evaluation methods
  • community participation
  • health education
  • health communication
  • health-seeking behavior
  • health behavior change
  • evaluation of school-based programs
  • evaluation of children's museum exhibits
  • vector-borne disease
  • mosquito-borne disease
  • tropical disease
  • Aedes aegypti
  • dengue fever
  • malaria
  • cysticercosis
  • Lyme disease
  • diarrheal disease
  • child survival
  • IMCI
  • water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Central America
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Puerto Rico
  • Dominican Republic
  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • Cambodia
  • Tanzania
  • Zimbabwe
  • Uganda
  • Liberia
  • Bangladesh
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Nankumbi J, Groves S, Leontsini E, Kyegombe N, Coutinho A, Manabe Y. The impact on nurses and nurse managers of introducing PEPFAR clinical services in urban government clinics in Uganda.  BMC International Health and Human Rights 11(Suppl 1):S8, 2011  DOI 10.1186/1472-698X-11-S1-S8

  • Harvey SA, Olortegui MP, Leontsini E, Winch PJ.  “They’ll change what they’re doing if they know that you’re watching”: Measuring reactivity in health behavior due to an observer’s presence – A case from the Peruvian Amazon.  Field Methods 21(1):3-25, 2009 DOI 10.1177 / 1525822X08323987.

  • Winch P, Leontsini E, Lloyd LS.  Chapter XI: Community Control of Dengue Vectors.  In: SB Halstead (editor) Dengue. Tropical Medicine – Science and Practice Book Series Vol 5, London: Imperial College Press (pub) Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. (dist), 2008.

  • Harvey SA, Olórtegui MP, Leontsini E, Bustamante Pezo C, Olórtegui Pezantes LM, Winch PJ.  “The whole world will be able to see us”: Determining the characteristics of a culturally appropriate bed net among mestizo communities of the Peruvian Amazon.  American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 79(6):834-838, 2008.

  • Oswald WE, Hunter GC, Lescano AG, Cabrera L,  Leontsini E, Pan W, Paz Soldan V, Gilman RH.  Direct observation of hygiene in a Peruvian shantytown: Not enough handwashing and too little water.  Tropical Medicine and International Health 13(11):1421-1428, 2008.