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Ellen Silbergeld, PhD

Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Research


Departmental Affiliation(s):

Environmental Health Sciences
Health Policy and Management (Joint)
Epidemiology (Joint)

Center & Institute Affiliation(s):

Contact Information

615 N. Wolfe Street, E6644
Baltimore , Maryland   21205


SciVal Experts Research Profile


PhD , Johns Hopkins University , 1972


Trained at Hopkins in geography and environmental engineering (PhD '72) and postdoctoral fellow in Environmental Health Sciences ('72-75). NIH staff fellowship followed by senior scientist position at Environmental Defense and professorship at University of Maryland Medical School. Served as scientific advisor to NTP-NIH, CDC, EPA, DOE, OSHA, states of Maryland and New York, World Bank, ILO, UNEP, and PAHO. My research and professional activities bridge science and public policy, with a focus on the incorporation of mechanistic toxicology into environmental and occupational health policy. Areas of current focus include: cardiovascular risks of arsenic, lead, and cadmium; immunotoxicity of mercury compounds; health and environmental impacts of industrial food animal production. These projects include epidemiological studies and mechanistic research on gene:environment interactions and movement of pathogens in the environment. Some of this research is conducted internationally (mercury studies in the Amazon; lead/cadmium/arsenic studies in Mexico; mining and development in Mongolia; zoonotic diseases in Thailand and the Netherlands).  I also direct a Fogarty Training Program in NonCommunicable Diseases, which is a collaboration between Hopkins and the School of Public Health of Mongolia.

Honors and Awards

Fellowships from Fulbright, Kennedy, Rockefeller, Danforth, Woodrow Wilson Foundations. Phi Beta Kappa, Vassar College. Barsky Award, Amer Public Health Assn. MacArthur Foundation "Genius" Fellow. Lifetime Achievement Award, Society of Toxicology Metals Section. Editor in Chief: Environmental Research. Member, scientific advisory councils for EPA, PAHO, CDC, Department of Energy, NIH-NIEHS. Consultant, World Bank, WHO, UNEP, OSHA, and ILO.

Environmental Health Sciences, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, lead, mercury, arsenic, immunotoxicology, neurotoxicology, environmental and occupational health

  • Davis MF, Kamel F, Hoppin JA, Alavanja MC, Freeman LB, Gray GC, Nelson K, Silbergeld E. Neurologic symptoms associated with raising poultry and swine among participants in the Agricultural Health Study. J Occup Environ Med. 2011: 190-195. 

  • Predictive models for nanotoxicology.  Clark KA, White Rh and Silbergeld EK.  Reg Toxicol Pharmacol 59: 361, 2011

  • One reservoir: redefining the community origins of antimicrobial resistant infections. Med Clin NA (2008) 92: 1391-1407

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