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Fengyi Wan, PhD

  • Assistant Professor

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615 North Wolfe Street, W8025
Baltimore, Maryland 21205

(410) 955-5848
(410) 955-2926

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PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2003


Research in our laboratory focuses on the regulatory specificity of NF-κB. NF-κB is a pleiotropic transcription factor that involves with diverse biological activities, and aberrant NF-κB signaling has been recognized to associate with variety of diseases including cancer and inflammatory diseases; however, the regulatory specificity of NF-κB remains one of the most important yet unresolved questions. Our recent work demonstrated that NF-κB DNA binding activity could be regulated within NF-κB complexes through synergistic interaction between Rel and non-Rel subunits, thus shedding new insights into the specificity. We are studying the molecular mechanism and the pathophysiological significance of these non-Rel subunits-conferred regulatory specificity of NF-κB in pathogen infection, inflammation, and tumorigenesis, with a combination of biochemical, molecular, cellular and genetic approaches.

Honors and Awards

Yong-Ling Liu Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2002)

Director Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2003)

Howard Temin Pathway to Independence Award in Cancer Research, NCI (2008)

AAI-Invitrogen Trainee Achievement Award, American Association of Immunologists (2009)

American Cancer Society Research Scholar, ACS (2013)

  • Signal transduction, gene regulation, transcription factor, protein-nucleic acid interaction, pathogen infection, inflammation, cancer.
  • Hodgson A*, Wier EM*, Fu K, Sun X, Yu H, Zheng W, Sham HP, Johnson K, Bailey S, Vallance BA & Wan F (2015) Metalloprotease NleC suppresses host NF-κB/inflammatory responses by cleaving p65 and interfering with the p65/RPS3 interaction. PLOS Pathog. 11: e1004705 * equal contribution

  • Fu K*, Sun X*, Zheng W*, Wier EM, Hodgson A, Tran DQ, Richard S & Wan F (2013) Sam68 modulates the promoter specificity of NF-κB and mediates expression of CD25 in activated T cells. Nat. Commun. 4: 1909 * equal contribution

  • Wier EM, Neighoff J, Sun X, Fu K & Wan F (2012) Identification of an N-terminal truncation of the NF-κB p65 subunit that specifically modulates ribosomal protein S3-dependent NF-κB gene expression. J. Biol. Chem. 287: 43019-43029

    Wan F, Weaver A, Gao X, Bern M, Hardwidge PR & Lenardo MJ (2011) IKKβ phosphorylation regulates RPS3 nuclear translocation and NF-κB function during infection with Escherichia coli strain O157:H7. Nat. Immunol. 12: 335-343

    Wan F, Anderson DE, Barnitz RA, Snow A, Bidere N, Zheng L, Hegde V, Lam LT, Staudt LM, Levens D, Deutsch WA & Lenardo MJ (2007) Ribosomal Protein S3: A KH Domain Subunit in NF-κB Complexes that Mediates Selective Gene Regulation. Cell 131: 927-939