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Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Current Students

Meet some of our current students. Learn why students chose Hopkins, the research they’re pursuing and the experiences they are having in the program.  

Bolane AjaoBolanle AjaoPhD student

I am passionate about the lives of women and children.  I have a background in clincial medicine which has been augmented with hands-on experience in designing, implementing and evaluating maternal and child public health programs domestically and internationally. My goal is to harness her skills as a perinatal health specialist to enable her to contribute to ongoing efforts to address perinatal health issues in the US with an emphasis on the high rate of preterm births.

Sahnah LimSahnah LimPhD student

My research interest focus on disparities in sexual and reproductive health outcomes among at-risk populations both domestically and internationally.  My current research projects include looking at race and gender disparities in sexual risk behavior among Baltimore youth, HIV/Sexually Transmitted Infections and gender-based violence (GBV) in exotic dancers in Baltimore, and GBV among stateless populations in the Dominican Republic and Ivory Coast. I hope that my work as a researcher will translate into programming and policy that recognize the centrality of structural-level factors that shape risk and vulnerability to adverse health outcomes among vulnerable populations.

Jessica JonesJessica JonesPhD student

I have a commitment to the health of children in the United States. My research to date has focused on critical child health issues such as breastfeeding, medical home access, systems of care for children with special health care needs, and autism. Through my work as a project officer at the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, I expanded grant programs to increase analytic capacity among state and local MCH programs.  Additionally, I worked extensively to preserve and improve the National Survey for Children’s Health, as it provides invaluable data on the health of children within the United States.

Mengying LiMengying LiPhD student

My research focuses on how socioeconomic conditions and family processes shape the biologic foundation of health in early childhood, and how these understanding translate to policies and practices. I plan to study how the integrated effects of parenting and early life stress in linking poverty to child cognitive and emotional development, including the mediating effects of the biological stress response system.

Ramkripa RaghavRamkripa RaghavanDrPh student

I am focused and committed to becoming a public health leader in the field of Maternal and Child Health(MCH)  in the U.S.  I have already started working with her advisor in analyzing data from the Boston Birth Cohort; which consists of approximately 8,500 mother-baby pairs of predominantly low-income, urban-minority families. My ultimate career goal is to evolve into an eminent public health leader working to improve MCH of under-privileged population in the U.S. and around the world.

Kate BayeMSPH studentKate Baye

My primary interest in family planning is adolescent family planning and how this interacts with current and future population trends and environmental health globally. My training and work is guided by the belief that “youth know what youth need” and raising youth ambassadors for family planning is the way forward.