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Mental Health

Post-Doctoral Trainees

Michelle CarrasMichelle Colder Carras, PhD

Michelle completed a PhD in Mental Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2015 on how heavy video gaming is associated with symptoms of game addiction in the context of online social interaction. Her overall interest is on understanding the contextual influences associated with heavy use of technology, with an emphasis on the emerging measure of Internet gaming disorder. She continues research on the benefits and problems associated with video game playing and the use of multistakeholder consensus development methods in video game research. She also continues international collaborations on the study of Internet gaming. Michelle also serves on the public policy committee of Mental Health America and has served on federal advisory panels as part of the FDA’s Patient Representative initiative.


Paul NestadtPaul Nestadt, MD

Paul completed a psychiatric residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital where he continues clinical work in the Anxiety Clinic, supervising and lecturing for the residents and medical students, and serving as managing editor of the Johns Hopkins Psychiatry Guide. His research investigates local risk factors for suicide completion, the use of esketamine to treat suicidality, and the role of doubt and indecision in OCD. Prior to his medical training, Paul had worked in bench neuroscience, MRS brain imaging, and as a Baltimore city high school teacher.


Pre-Doctoral Trainees

Ryan-AndrewsRyan Andrews, BS

Ryan is a doctoral student in the Department of Mental Health advised by Dr. Michelle Carlson.  Ryan's interests fall into two complementary areas. First, he is interested in how technology can be used in epidemiological studies to improve data quality and precision. Second, he is interested in the proper use and the advancement of statistical tools applicable to problems commonly seen in observational studies, such as misclassification, measurement error, or confounding. He currently pursues both interests in the context of cognitive aging and dementia prevention. Prior to coming to Johns Hopkins, his research centered around sensory-driven neural dynamics. His background is in neuroscience and biostatistics, and he received his Bachelor's degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2010.


April Joy DamianApril Joy Damian, MSc

April Joy is a doctoral student in the Department of Mental Health advised by Dr. Tamar Mendelson. Her primary research interests include mindfulness, resiliency, and trauma, specifically as they relate to urban underserved communities. She is also a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Trainee Fellow through the Johns Hopkins Office of Public Health & Practice, and recipient of the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute (UHI) Student-Community Grant in partnership with Holistic Life Foundation, Inc. April Joy received a Masters in Medical Sciences from Harvard Medical School and Bachelors degree in Ethnic Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.


Calliope HolingueCalliope Holingue, MPH

Calliope is a doctoral student in the Department of Mental Health advised by Dr. Dani Fallin. Her primary research interest is the connection between the immune system, gut health, and the development of psychiatric disorders, especially anxiety disorders and autism spectrum disorders. Prior to attending Johns Hopkins she received an MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley.


Emma StappEmma K. Stapp, MHS

Emma is a doctoral student in the Department of Mental Health advised by Dr. Peter Zandi.  Her research interests include family wellbeing, etiology of and interventions for bipolar disorder, and the intersection of physical and mental health.  Her work experience includes clinical research in pharmacogenetics and the National Network of Depression Centers Clinical Care Registry, as well as several years in the legal sector.  Emma received her MHS from the Department of Mental Health at JHSPH and her BA in psychology from Penn State University.