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International Health

MSPH — Peace Corps
Master's International Program 

The MSPH/MI program is designed for students who wish to combine academic course work with a rewarding volunteer experience through the Peace Corps.

Students will complete nine months of course work at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, take a comprehensive examination, and then enter the Peace Corps. They will undergo 2-3 months of initial language, culture, and project orientation, and then complete two years of service.

Students register for 32 credits (two 16-credit terms) any time during Peace Corps service, for which they receive an automatic 75% scholarship. Students will receive the MSPH degree after the completion of their Peace Corps Volunteer Service and an MSPH essay. We expect most of these master's papers will be written in the first year of Peace Corps service.

Prospective students should apply for admission to the MSPH program in either the Department of International Health or the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health. Any of the MSPH programs in these departments can be completed in conjunction with the Peace Corps. After acceptance, and before matriculation, students apply to the Peace Corps and indicate they are in the Johns Hopkins MSPH program. Peace Corps acceptance, medical, and legal clearance can take up to one year to complete, so it is best to get started early.

NOTE: The Peace Corps requires U.S. citizenship to serve as a volunteer.

For more information:

This is NOT a Peace Corps Fellows Program; the Fellows Program is for returned volunteers who then enter a graduate school program. Our School of Nursing has a Fellows Program. In addition, the Shriver Peaceworker Program at University of Maryland Baltimore County is a Fellows Program with significant scholarship support. A student may combine study at JHSPH with community service and be a Shriver Peaceworker.

For more information, contact the MSPH/MI coordinator for the Department of International Health, Larry Moulton, 410-955-6370.