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International Health



Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

Global Disease Epidemiology and Control program faculty improve techniques for prevention of morbidity and mortality caused by diseases affecting disadvantaged populations.


Social and Behavioral Interventions

Social and Behavioral Interventions program faculty conduct research and training on the development, implementation and evaluation of social science-based public health interventions.

Human Nutrition

Human Nutrition

The multidisciplinary nature of nutrition is reflected in the program's faculty, which includes pediatricians, biochemists, epidemiologists, physiologists, anthropologists, and biostatisticians.

Health Systems

Health Systems

Health Systems designs systems and implements equitable and cost-effective strategies for delivering health care interventions to disadvantaged and underserved communities in the U.S. and abroad.

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Full Time
Agre, Peter C. Professor
Alvarenga, Patricia Hessab Research Associate
Book, Christopher Research Associate
Bosch, Gundula Assistant Scientist
Brady, Nathan Ryan Research Associate
Bream, Jay H. Associate Professor
Casadevall, Arturo Professor
Cha, Sung-Jae Research Associate
Coppens, Isabelle Professor
Cordero, Radamés J.B. Research Associate
Davis, Kimberly Assistant Professor
Dimopoulos, George Professor
Griffin, Diane E. Professor
Hamacher-Brady, Anne Assistant Professor
Hardwick, J. Marie Professor
Hsu, Yu-Chih Professor - Emeritus
Jacobs-Lorena, Marcelo Professor
Jedlicka, Anne E. Research Associate
Ketner, Gary Professor
Klein, Sabra L. Associate Professor
Korch, George W. Visiting Professor
Lamb, Heather M Research Associate
Luo, Kun Research Associate
Margolick, Joseph Professor
Markham, Richard Professor
Markle, Janet Assistant Professor
McMeniman, Conor James Assistant Professor
Mharakurwa, Sungano Senior Research Associate
Mlambo, Godfree Research Associate
Mugnier, Monica Assistant Professor
Norris, Douglas E. Professor
Pekosz, Andrew Stanley Professor
Pineda, Fernando J. Associate Professor
Prigge, Sean T. Professor
Romano, Julia Research Associate
Rose, Noel Professor - Emeritus
Scott, Alan L. Professor
Shaw-Saliba, Katy Assistant Scientist
Shi, Wanliang Research Associate
Shiff, Clive J. Associate Professor
Sinnis, Photini Professor
Srinivasan, Prakash Assistant Professor
Stevenson, Jennifer C. Senior Research Associate
Stins, Monique F. Assistant Professor
Sullivan, David J. Professor
Thuma, Philip E. Senior Scientist
Tripathi, Abhai K. Senior Research Associate
Vega-Rodríguez, Joel Research Associate
Zavala, Fidel P. Professor
Zhang, Hao Research Associate
Zhang, Ying Professor
Part Time
Converse, Paul Associate
Talor, Eyal Associate
Caturegli, Patrizio Associate Professor School of Medicine
Cihakova, Daniela Assistant Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Cox, Andrea L. Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Detrick, Barbara Professor School of Medicine
Gilman, Robert H. Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Hartman, Adam L. Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Hartung, Thomas Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Kim, Kwang Sik Professor School of Medicine
Manabe, Yukari Carol Professor School of Medicine
Moss, William John Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Nicholas, John Associate Professor School of Medicine
Persaud, Deborah Associate Professor School of Medicine
Pletnikov, Mikhail V Associate Professor School of Medicine
Quinn, Thomas Professor School of Medicine
Sears, Cynthia Louise Professor School of Medicine
Shapiro, Theresa A. B. Professor School of Medicine
Soloski, Mark J. Professor School of Medicine
Thio, Chloe Lynne Associate Professor School of Medicine
Wan, Fengyi Associate Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health