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Health Policy & Management

Master of Science in Public Health in Health Policy

Working toward a Lasting Career
Working toward a Lasting Career
Field placements run the gamut from governments and private consulting to international organizations and trade associations. The majority of students transition these opportunities into full-time employment when they graduate.

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The MSPH program in Health Policy combines academic coursework in health policy at a world-class institution with nine months of professional health policy work experience.

The proximity of Johns Hopkins to our nation's capitol and the engagement of our faculty in Washington make the program ideal for those interested in pursuing careers in health policy.

There is a critical need for well trained health policy professionals interested in seeking solutions to problems affecting human health and well-being. The MSPH program in Health Policy focuses on training health policy analysts primarily for work in the United States, preparing them for successful careers in the face of the complex challenges inherent in the U.S. public health and healthcare systems.

How do we address the fact that so many Americans are uninsured, or lack health care access for other reasons? How do we enact policies to ensure the development of our frayed public health infrastructure? What are the best policy solutions to address the epidemic of gun violence in the US? What can public health policy professionals do to influence the development of healthier city environments?

Through the development of their analysis, writing, research and advocacy skills, graduates of this program can have a profound impact on the policies, regulations and laws governing the health of populations within the U.S., especially in an era of healthcare reform in this county.

Health policy skills acquired in this program are of course transferrable to settings outside the U.S., and students in this program may elect to take some additional coursework in International Health in order to integrate this perspective into their training. However, the majority of the program curriculum is focused on issues affecting the United States.

The MSPH in Health Policy is a professionally-oriented degree program designed for individuals seeking specialized academic training to establish or expand their careers as health policy analysts. The program requires one year of full-time residential academic coursework, followed by a nine-month field placement of full-time, paid employment in a professional health policy setting.

Beth Resnick, MPH

Assistant Director
Christine King, MSEd

Program Coordinator
Mary Wisniewski
455 Hampton House

State-specific Information for Online and Externship Programs

Students in the MSPH/health policy program cannot conduct their field placement in Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio or Oregon.  For more information, please contact an admissions representative.  Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programs.

Effective for students matriculating in the Fall of 2016.