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Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis

The Center for Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis is a multi-departmental multi-disciplinary Center housed in the Department of Epidemiology.


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Created in 1990 as a collaborative effort of the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the School of Medicine, the Center is devoted to the promotion of clinical trials to evaluate preventive, therapeutic, and diagnostic health interventions. The Center's mission is to guide and inspire research, scholarship and intellectual engagement, in the Johns Hopkins community and globally, in the areas of clinical trials and evidence-based health care.

The Center's goals

The Center offers pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training through the Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis track. All students may participate in coursework and activities offered by the Center including journal clubs, seminars/speaker series, and research-in-progress meetings. Further information on the Center and the track may be obtained through Dr. Kay Dickersin (, Director of the Center.