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Environmental Health and Engineering

Fogarty Mongolia Training Grant

The goal of this five-year project is to build strong capacity in research and intervention science in order to empower the Mongolian public health community—researchers, practitioners and stakeholders—to identify and reduce preventable risk factors for chronic diseases in Mongolia.

The project combines training for students from Mongolia, both at the Bloomberg School and at HSUM-SPH through educational programs and research projects in Mongolia.

Specific Aims

  1. To carry out training programs for students from Mongolia, including short courses at JHSPH; research degree training for students from Mongolia (Masters) at JHSPH; short term fellowships for faculty from Mongolia for specific research experiences at JHSPH; and courses to be held in Mongolia through HSUM-SPH.
  2. To develop curricula and training resources at HSUM-SPH (including distance education and on line materials) in environmental health, epidemiology, and toxicology including course materials and continuing educationvresources.
  3. To assist HSUM-SPH in developing resources and expertise in exposure assessment and biomonitoring relevant to research in environmental/occupational health and cardiovascular disease,
  4. To conduct research projects in Mongolia that implement hands-on capacity building in research skills and critical knowledge relevant to health surveillance, chronic disease prevention, intervention science, and program evaluation.

Training Opportunities for Students or Faculty in Mongolia

  1. Short Courses: 1 - 2 week programs of intensive courses, held at the JHSPH Center in Barcelona, Spain or at the main JHSPH campus in Baltimore, MD. These courses change from year to year, and include epidemiology and biostatistics, health policy, public health leadership, international health, and risk assessment.
  2. Short-term Mentored Fellowships: 6 - 12 week mentored, hands-on research experience at JHSPH in Baltimore, MD.
  3. Degree Program: Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) at JHSPH in Baltimore, MD.