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  • Melissa Habedank

    Melissa is living in Arusha, Tanzania and working as a Research Consultant for the Caucus for Children's Rights.

  • Amy Confair

    Amy Confair submitted a project to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Childhood Obesity Challenge in August 2012. She was notified at the beginning of October that she tied for 3rd prize based on the expert panel of judges. She is honored to receive this recognition from these renown groups and their chosen panel of experts. The archive page has the announcement about her winning 3rd place in the first Challenge, and a link to the project, Designing Healthy Corridors, where anyone can see an abstract for our work, 3 pictures she created to depict her idea, and read her 3 page technical proposal that is the full submission. Her project was one of 107 submissions.

  • Scott Bussell

    Scott Bussell took a year off between his third and fourth year of medical school to pursue his master of public health degree in Epidemiology and Clinical Investigation at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He was paired with Marlis Gonzales-Fernandez, MD, PhD, from the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and together they worked on a project examining acute post-stroke patients and their risk of dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) among people of different races/ethnicities. Their findings suggest that there is a much higher risk of dysphagia in Asians and other minority groups.

    The abstract, Is Dysphagia Risk After Stroke Associated with Race? Further Evidence from Medical Provider Analysis and Review Data (MEDPAR), was presented at the Dysphagia Research Society's Annual meeting in San Diego, and submitted to the journal Stroke for review.

    Scott’s independent research on post-stroke vaccinations, A Role for Pneumococcal Vaccine During Admission for Stroke? Observed Protective Effect Against Death in the Medicare Population, was published in the International Journal of Infectious Disease and has been accepted for publication in the October issue of Chest.

    He was also awarded a travel grant by the 2010 Ditan International Conference on Infectious Diseases which allowed him to present his poster in Beijing, China in July. He will present his findings again at the American College of Chest Physicians Conference in Vancouver this November.