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Sommer Scholars

Heon-Jae Jeong MD, MPH/MBA

DrPH Student, Health Policy and Management

Before he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, Heon-Jae Jeong’s father recommended the Bloomberg School program to his physician son. Jeong chose to postpone his enrollment as a Sommer Scholar to spend a year at his father’s bedside. “I think his death was the last thing he could do to set me free from the burden of staying with him and taking care of him,” he says. “My father wanted me to study at Hopkins more passionately than any other person.”

Jeong, who spent three years as a project manager promoting health initiatives in South Korea’s second-largest province, is determined to make the most of that gift. A 2006-2007 Sommer Scholar, he is now entering the DrPH program, with an emphasis on seeing the health care system from a patient’s perspective. “I stayed in a hospital taking care of my father for several months,” he says, “and the time in the hospital let me think of health care organization and its management more deeply.”

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the South Korean health care system