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MPH Application Instructions

Applications to the Schoolwide MPH are processed through the Schools of Public Health Application Services (SOPHAS). This includes applications to the full-time MPH, online/part-time MPH, MPH/MBA, and MPH portions of the MPH/MSW, MPH/JD and MPH/MD.

MPH/MSN applications are processed through the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

ALL OTHER Bloomberg School degree, residency and certificate applications are processed through Admissions Services.

Applying to the MPH Program through SOPHAS

1. Carefully review the MPH experience and coursework requirements

If you have met these requirements, please continue through the MPH application process outlined below.

If you have not met these requirements, you are ineligible for the MPH. You may, however, be interested in one of our other public health master's programs.

2. Submit your application through SOPHAS

Be sure to submit your application and materials before the application deadline. Additional instructions may be found on the SOPHAS website.

Please note: applicants are not required to submit a writing sample (beyond the personal statement) for this program. Due to applicant volume, writing samples received will not be reviewed by the admissions committee.

3. Pay the $120 application fee

If you wish to request a fee waiver, these are processed through SOPHAS directly, except for the following special categories:

4. Monitor your application while SOPHAS verifies your information

SOPHAS will verify the information you reported in the online application. This verification process can take four to six weeks.

Applications are not complete until all required components are received and verified by SOPHAS. This includes test scores or acknowledgment from the applicant that they wish their application to be reviewed without test scores.

You may log in to your SOPHAS application to monitor this process.

5. Receive notification when your completed application is sent to JHSPH

Expect communication from JHSPH at the following points in the application process:

6. Wait while the MPH Program Office reviews your application and makes an admissions decision


Submitting Supporting Documents

Official Transcripts

U.S. Transcripts

All U.S. transcripts should be sent directly to SOPHAS. The SOPHAS website provides detailed instructions regarding entering coursework and submitting transcripts. Please follow these carefully.

International Transcripts

All Credential Evaluations must be completed through WES. WES will then forward evaluations to SOPHAS.

Official Standardized Test Scores

Applicants are required to submit an official standardized test score as part of their application. The MPH program will accept scores from one of the following tests: GRE, MCAT, GMAT or LSAT.

Applicants may elect to have their applications reviewed without standardized test scores if they have earned an advanced degree beyond the baccalaureate. However, in doing so, applicants will put themselves at a significant disadvantage for admission into the program unless their admission materials clearly demonstrate significant quantitative and analytical skills. This is particularly true for applicants with medical degrees earned outside of the United States. Additionally, applicants who request to have their applications reviewed without standardized test scores will likely not be awarded a scholarship.


MPH applicants send GRE scores directly to SOPHAS.

Our ETS Code for the GRE for use with SOPHAS is 3738.


MPH applicants send MCAT scores directly to SOPHAS.

Please choose "SOPHAS" in the MCAT Testing History (ThX) System if your scores were obtained after 1991. If you tested prior 1991, please contact our office at for additional instructions.


GMAT scores are submitted directly to JHSPH using the school code KGB-3R-06.


LSAT scores are submitted to JHSPH. In order to submit an official score, you should request an official copy from LSAC be sent to your home address. When it arrives, don't open it! Place the unopened report in an envelope and send to Admissions Services, JHSPH, 615 N. Wolfe Street, Suite E1002, Baltimore, MD 21205.

Official English Language Test Scores

Applicants from countries where English is not the official language must submit scores of an English language proficiency test.

To fulfill this requirement, the Bloomberg School will accept scores from either

Admissions will waive this requirement only if:

Depending on the test, minimum scores needed for admission:

MPH applicants send TOEFL scores directly to SOPHAS using the code 5688.

IELTS scores are sent directly to JHSPH. Please submit a copy of your Score Report to

Letters of Recommendation

The MPH Program requires three letters of recommendation. It is suggested that you submit both professional and academic letters of recommendation.

Your recommendation providers will submit their forms through the SOPHAS application. Please carefully follow the instructions listed in SOPHAS.

State Authorization

We are not accepting applications to the Online/Part-time format of the MPH Program from residents of Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Ohio for the January 2016 start date and beyond. For more information see State-specific Information for Online Students