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JHU ShuttleNew students, let me introduce you to your new friend: the Johns Hopkins Shuttle.

Johns Hopkins University and Medicine provide a number of buses and vans traveling a variety of routes. They’re a great resource for students, staff and faculty. Best of all, they’re FREE to anyone with a Johns Hopkins ID badge!

Johns Hopkins Medicine Transportation Department provides shuttles to Bayview Medical Center, Green Spring Station Medical Center, Church Garage, various satellite facilities and parking lots.

Johns Hopkins University provides shuttles to JHU facilities at Eastern, Keswick and the Homewood campus.

The JHMI-Homewood Shuttle is probably the most popular. It’s a large, city-wide bus with both “Express” and “Local” routes between JHMI (the medical campus where JHSPH resides) and the JHU Homewood campus. The Local Bus stops at Peabody, as well as Baltimore’s Penn Station.  

Lots of students and staff choose to live along the shuttle route. Others take the shuttle to Penn station, where they catch Amtrak, MARC, or Light Rail to BWI airport, Washington, New York, etc.

I suppose you could say, the shuttle isn’t just your friend, it’s your vehicle to other friends – here in Baltimore and around the world!

Jet planeAll your bags are packed.
You’re ready to go.
You’re standing there outside your door. . .


The words to “Leaving on a Jet Plane” run through my head every time I travel.

The other thing that runs through my head is a somewhat neurotic step-by-step plan of how I intend to get to my destination.

Do you do that? (Please say yes). If so, and you’re planning a trip to Baltimore, this post is for you!

Our local airport is Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall, otherwise known as BWI. It’s ranked 22nd in the nation for size - which makes it big enough to have plenty of amenities, but not so big that you get lost looking for your luggage.

From there, you have several options.  You could take a taxi into the city or rent a car. You could take an airport shuttle or the bus. Or you could take the train (Amtrak, MARC or Light Rail).

All three rail options stop at Baltimore’s Penn Station and from there scheduled visitors may take the Hopkins Shuttle.

Need more information?  I have more resources!

Happy trails! (Oh dear, now I have that song running through my head!)

A student bikes past the old Johns Hopkins HospitalIt’s national Bike to Work Day!

Are you planning a two-wheel commute today? Lots of folks are. And it’s not just today. It seems more and more people are commuting by bike every day.

Prospective students often ask if Baltimore is bike-friendly.  I’m afraid I can’t speak from experience. I live a fair distance outside the city and haven’t tried it. But a number of our current students ride their bikes to campus and use the sheltered bike racks located in the deans’ garage under the Wolfe Street Building (accessible from Washington Street).

An unofficial poll of these students confirms that Baltimore is better than many cities at making room for our two-wheeled friends. And there are plans for making it even better!

But don’t take my word for it. Check out these resources.

Happy Cycling!