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When researching public health graduate programs, it’s important to discover the research projects professors, departments and clinics are conducting. But it’s also valuable to learn what some of the recent, and not so recent, graduates are doing and how they continue to be involved in the field of public health. For this reason, I’m expanding the Student Spotlight series started in the Prospectus to the blog.

VIR Band is put on a Baby
“An infant quietly allows a VIR band to be affixed at a Trust for Vaccines & Immunization (TVI) site in Gulshan-e-Iqbal township.”

For the first feature, I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Noor Rakhshani, DrPH’14, MPH’08. It was during her doctoral thesis research that she put together the pieces to save lives in her native Pakistani homeland, where she too almost died as a newborn. One of the major problems facing Pakistani children is access to vaccinations as well as receiving the vaccinations in the regimented time frame. Combining her research on vaccinations in Pakistani and time-dependent and temperature-independent indicators, Dr. Rakhshani received a Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations grant to fund a study on anklet bands that would replace the paper vaccination card and help parents bring their babies back to clinics for their next round of vaccinations.

This project that began in 2012 has now received two additional grants to fund Dr. Rakhshani’s concept. Her initial clinical trial, riddled with political red tape, natural disasters, and deadly attacks, was successful and is now going to have simultaneous testing in Pakistan and Nigeria. Dr. Rakhshani came to Hopkins with the hope of Saving Lives-Millions at a Time. Through her VIR band, she is living her dream.

To read Dr. Rakhshani’s full story of her research, check out the Fall Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Magazine article, The Dream.

Compass for OrientationThis is always a strange time of year in admissions.

Last week, we helped with Convocation. This week, we’re processing some of the last applications for 2015-2016. Next month, we’ll be welcoming full-time MPH students at Orientation! Online/part-time MPH students arrive this weekend!

Time flies when you work in admissions.

Are you coming?

Orientation is mandatory for incoming students. The event next month (June 29-30) is for full-time MPH students only. A separate event is held for those newly enrolled in departmental degrees in the fall.

Are you ready?

A checklist for new MPH students (login and password required) of things to do now, things to do at Orientation, as well as a few frequently asked questions may be found on the Admitted Student website. We encourage you to take a look and prepare to be oriented!

See you soon!

Good news - deadline extension!Are you applying to our Schoolwide MPH program? Do you need a little more time to submit those transcripts or test scores?

If so, I have good news for you!

It’s to your advantage to submit your application and supporting materials by today’s December 15 deadline.  These applications are given first consideration for admissions and for merit-based scholarships.

But if you’re struggling to get your materials in, know the MPH program office extended their materials deadline to January 15.

All required materials must be received by January 15 in order for your application to be reviewed.

Detailed application requirements and deadlines for all nine of our public health degree programs may be found on our website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Deadline Alert!We included the following in our last two “deadline alerts,” but thought it was worth mentioning again!

December 15, 2014

Application deadline for:

Applications to our Schoolwide MPH program are submitted through SOPHAS, the public health common application.

If you’re planning to apply to our MPH program, don’t wait! Apply now!
Applications must be submitted to SOPHAS by December 15.

REMEMBER: application deadlines vary by program.
Know your program, its application, requirements and deadline.

Best wishes!

Welcome (full-time) MPH Students!

We’re so happy to see you!

We hope you enjoy these next few days getting to know our School, your fellow students and - very important - the coffee selection at the Daily Grind!

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