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A student bikes past the old Johns Hopkins HospitalIt’s national Bike to Work Day!

Are you planning a two-wheel commute today? Lots of folks are. And it’s not just today. It seems more and more people are commuting by bike every day.

Prospective students often ask if Baltimore is bike-friendly.  I’m afraid I can’t speak from experience. I live a fair distance outside the city and haven’t tried it. But a number of our current students ride their bikes to campus and use the sheltered bike racks located in the deans’ garage under the Wolfe Street Building (accessible from Washington Street).

An unofficial poll of these students confirms that Baltimore is better than many cities at making room for our two-wheeled friends. And there are plans for making it even better!

But don’t take my word for it. Check out these resources.

Happy Cycling!

We’re just a little more than two months away from MPH Orientation (full-time students). About four months away from Fall Orientation. Where should you live?

That depends.

Do you have/want a roommate or do you prefer to live alone? How will you commute to campus? Will you drive or take the Hopkins shuttle? Do you like apartment living or would you prefer a house?

Could you see yourself living here?
Row houses in Charles Village

Or here?
Row houses in Hampden

How about here? Just two blocks from school.
929 Building

There are lots of options for every lifestyle and the JHMI Office of Housing and Residential Life is happy to help incoming students sort through them.

In fact, Admissions and the Housing Office are holding an online information session called “Housing and Life in Baltimore” for admitted students next week! Join us Friday, May 3 at noon (Eastern).  Instructions for joining the session may be found on the Admitted Student Website (login required).

Happy hunting!

In previous posts, we gave you the Travel Channel version of Baltimore and shared our crazy loyalty to our sports teams.  But what’s it like to LIVE in this city?

We’re so happy you asked!

 More than half the admissions staff lives in town and we’re happy to share our knowledge.  Feel free to email or read about our favorite places.

Browse our new “neighborhood” page which provides photographs and a brief description of Baltimore’s most popular neighborhoods.

If you’re an Admitted Student, log into the Admitted Student website. There you’ll find detailed information about Admitted Student Visitors Day, online information sessions, housing, schools for children, and local services.

And lastly, for the best information regarding living in Baltimore, listen to our current students.

Remember how excited I said this city was about the AFC Championship Game?

I’m not sure I have the words to describe the spirit leading into today’s big game.  I asked our Admissions staff to help me show you.

Pictures of purple Baltimore

Things we couldn’t get a picture of:

Our fingers are crossed that we'll get to post a picture of our winning team!


View of the Inner Harbor from the National AquariumAs we approach February, our office is still accepting applications for some programs, but we’re also transitioning to help our newly admitted students.

Many of these students relocate to attend the Bloomberg School - some from across the country, some from across the globe. So, in addition to continued posts about our application deadlines and procedures, I’ll be sharing more about life in Baltimore, our “Charm City.”

Today, I stumbled across a recent “Best of Baltimore” slideshow on the Travel Channel  website.

Perfect! What a great introduction to our city and its sites!

Check out the other Baltimore links on the “Best of Baltimore” page, including a video showcasing Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, an article about the  Walter’s Art Museum, “How a Crab Cake Should Be,” and a slideshow of baseball’s greatest stadiums, including Baltimore’s Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

For more Baltimore information, visit these great resources: