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General Preventive Medicine Residency

For Entrepreneurs and Institutions

For Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs and investors the Health Innovation lab is a way to develop efficacious products and de-risk investments. The lab's entrepneurship program starts with a market pain point based on the evidence, deconstructs the problem into many dimensions, elicits solutions through challenges, allows entrepreneurial teams to develop and prototype solutions, involves the end-user as part of the start-up team, utilizes a user-centered design approach and validates each product through a pilot study. This approach helps develop health tech that has efficacy, de-risks early stage investing, and generates an evidence base that can increase consumer and payer confidence. Ultimately, it hopes to achieve better population outcomes through technology and innovation.

For Public & Private Institutions

The Health Innovation lab partners with institutions to help develop an innovation model, identify novel solutions, assist in developing efficacious products and applications, and evaluate implementation. We believe in the power of partnerships in helping ideas take flight and in elevating the state of innovation. Besides implementing an approach that pulls ideas from disparate sciences and practitioners, we help also help validate, develop and implement. For more information on how we can work with you, please contact: Yahya Shaikh, MD MPH.