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Yearlook 2015

micro MACRO Sparks of innovation & game-changing discovery Unparalleled impact & good on a global scale Micro-Macro

A year in the life of the #1 school of public health.

  1. Woman in lab
  2. Spain
  3. Vaccination
  4. Couple riding bikes
  5. Veteran
  6. Silhouette person with a gun in an alley
  7. woman volunteering
  8. illustration of rowing boat
  9. Dean Klag speaking
  10. Man in lab
  11. construction site
  12. woman on her computer
  13. doctors in protective gear
  14. overflowing water
  15. Police with a transparent shield
  16. gas station pumps
  17. driod flying in the sky
  18. group of students with speaker
  19. man smoking e-cig
  20. girl walking in the city
  21. Gowned Doctors in a medical room
  22. Donald Henderson
  23. man holding up device on finger
  24. woman working in crop field
  25. Woman at Desk