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365 Days of Impact in Public Health Education, Research and Practice


There are currently more than 20,000 alumni living around the world.

2014: A Narrative

“The impact of the work that we do here in the School of Public Health is summarized in our mission statement: Protecting Health, Saving Lives—Millions at a Time."

The oldest and largest school of public health in the world, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health houses more than 60 research centers and institutes.

Innovation & Results

Innovation in public health happens when experience, knowledge and creativity come together to solve real-world problems.

Every day at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, we strive to know more, understand more, and do more so that we can create population-level solutions to keep millions around the world safe from illness and injury.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has been ranked the #1 school of public health by U.S. News & World Report for more than 20 years.

Moving Mountains &
Changing Minds

Change doesn’t come easily—whether it’s adopting healthier habits, following new regulations and policies or rethinking cultural and societal norms.

In public health, rock-solid research, persuasion and persistence drive meaningful change at the population level. The process often involves tearing down misperceptions and laying out the risks of maintaining the status quo.

Our life-changing work is rooted in the best research practices, the best scholarship—and the best intentions for a healthier tomorrow.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health topped 1 million MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) enrollees in March 2014, and our enrollment just surpassed 1.9 million. 

Technology & Health

Technology’s impact on health has led to dramatic improvements in quality of life—from the development of vaccines to breakthroughs in DNA mapping and stem cell research. Today, health technology is making quality care more affordable and accessible than at any time in human history.

While we’re excited to be at the forefront of innovation, we’re even prouder to be on the frontlines, harnessing technology to push public health boundaries.

With more than 600 full-time faculty, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health offers a broad range of educators to maximize student outcomes and potential.

Influence & Reach

With 2,164 students from 87 nations, over 600 faculty, and research projects in 130 countries, it’s clear that we touch the lives of people all over the world in positive ways.

Whether it’s helping to shape federal environmental policy, saving lives in South Sudan, improving the lives of women in India through education and understanding or working to save a generation of Native-American children through innovative youth programs, the School’s influence and reach across the world allows us to be a powerful force for good.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health conducts ongoing research in more than 130 countries.

Research & Action

Theories are little more than daydreams with hypotheses—unless they lead to action. Our work may be recognized in publications, but our value is measured in real-world impact.

Bloomberg School research influences policy and practices across the globe, bringing innovation and unconventional thinking to life—using simple care packages to reduce infant mortality, developing mental health treatment for trauma survivors in the developing world or creating a mosquito warehouse to fight malaria.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is home to 2,164 students from more than 87 countries.

Major Milestones

From partnering with a former President to fight prescription drug abuse to renovating a quarter of the School's research labs to reaffirming our commitment to an historic family planning partnership, in 2014 we remained as relentless as ever when it came to fulfilling our mission of protecting health and saving lives—millions at a time.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has over 30 certificate programs that offer focused academic training in a range of public health fields.

The Future

As we move into the penultimate year of our first century in 2015, we at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health remain inspired and energized by the prospect of even more discoveries and the potential to protect the health and save the lives of millions more around the world.

We’re proud to make a difference and honored to serve as the premiere school of public health in the world. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our journey.

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