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Specimen Processing Core

JHBR consists of approximately 1,500 square feet of biosafety level 2 labs on the 6th floor of JHSPH. JHBR has established procedures and resources for cataloging, handling, fractioning, shipping and storing human biologic specimens using highly efficient and effective methodologies and a commitment to maintain the highest standards of specimen integrity using Good Laboratory Practices and Best Practices guidelines.

JHBR Processing


JHBR's contributions to research has brought local, national and international recognition by accepting and facilitating specimen processing and transfer of specimens from studies within JHU, as well as from multiple clinical centers around the country and globe. All staff are trained and certified through the International Air and Transportation Association (IATA) for biological specimen handling and transfer, and has assisted a number of studies in establishing specimen collection and shipping protocols to meet research goals. Specimen shipments are accepted 5 days per week from over 30 local, national and international sites and centers.

When specimens arrive at JHBR, they are entered into the internal tracking system. All specimens are logged and tracked using chain of custody procedures, which includes importating sample data into Freezerworks (FW) database and assignment of a bar code identification number. All of the sub aliquots and/or test results generated for each specimen are tagged with this internal identification number allowing for easy tracking and historical reference. When a specimen or aliquot is transferred, internally, to the JHBR facility, or externally that specimen must be accounted for and traceable back to its source. This allows JHBR to maintain a high level of specimen security and integrity throughout the processing and testing phases.

Sample Types:*

Anal Swab

Mouth Wash

BAL (Bronchial Lavage Cell Isolation)

PBMC (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells)

Breast Milk

PBMC Pellets

Buccal Brush

Placental Biopsy

Buffy Coat


Cell Pellet


DBS (Dried Blood Spot Card)



Trace Metal Whole Blood


Urine (Adult & Diaper Pad)




Whole Blood

* JHBR Lab is not limited to the list above, please contact us with any questions regarding sample types.