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Faculty Innovation Fund Awardees:

2020 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipient

  • Chanee Fabius, Health Policy and Management   
    "Surveying Direct Care Agencies in Maryland to Examine the Quality of Life of Older Medicaid Home and Community-Based Service Recipients"
  • Mark Kohr, Environmental Health and Engineering 
    "Source and toxicity of endogenous formaldehyde in the heart"

2019 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients

  • Monica Mugnier, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
    "Dissecting the B cell response to the variant surface glycoproteins of Trypanosoma brucei"
  • Fenna Sillé, Environmental Health and Engineering 
    "Investigating how heavy metals alter macrophages and contribute to a tumor-promoting microenvironment"
  • Allsion West, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
    "Evidence-based home visiting for parents with intellectual disabilities"

2018 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients

  • Kimberly Davis, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
    "Heterogeneity in virulence factor expression in Staphylococcus aureus"
  • Johnathon Ehsani, Health Policy and Management     
    "Preparing adolescent drivers for the last mile: crash avoidance training"
  • Matthew Eisenberg, Health Policy and Management 
    "Disparities in the impact of consumer-directed health plans on financial strain"

2017 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients

  • Tonia Poteat & Lorraine Dean, Epidemiology
    "A mixed-methods approach to identify intervenable factors associated with breast cancer screening and follow-up for Black sexual minority women"
  • Ni Zhao, Biostatistics                                                                                                        
    "Statistical methods for human microbiome data from 16s rRNA sequencing in longitudinal studies"
  • Li Liu, Population, Family & Reproductive Health
    Edward Margaret Brewster Memorial Fund Award
    "Reproductive trajectory, neighborhood dynamics and preterm birth"

2016 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients

  • Jennifer Kavran, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Ho-Ching Yang Memorial award
    "Molecular mechanisms regulating Hippo pathway signaling"
  • Beth McGinty, Health Policy & Management
    "Research-Policy Translation Initiative: studying strategies to improve the use of research evidence in public health policy formation and implementation"
  • Rashelle Musci, Mental Health
    Edward Margaret Brewster Memorial Fund Award
    "Modeling autism symptomatology across development in early life; the impact of changing measures"

2015 Faculty Innovation Fund Reipients

  • Meghan Davis, Environmental Health Sciences
    "Do household reservoirs cause recurrent MRSA colonization and infection in people?"
  • Mara McAdams DeMarco, Epidemiology
    "Feasibility and efficacy of hemodialysis-based interventions to preserve cognitive function"
  • Roland Thorpe, Health, Behavior & Society (Ho-Ching Yang award)
    "Black men health project"

2014 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients

  • Kasper Hansen, Biostatistics
    “Statistical methods for analysis of metabolomics data generated from a LC-MS instrument”
  • Phil Jordan, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
    “PLK4 is essential for ensuring accurate X-Y chromosome segregation during meiosis”
  • Wietse Tol, MH, Mental Health
    “Building a stepped care model for maternal mental disorders in post-conflict settings”
  • Junya Zhu, Health Policy & Management
    “Longitudinal profiling of hospital performance on patient experience of care: Applications to value-based purchasing” 

2013 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients:

  • Hadi Kharrazi,  Health Policy and Management
    "Utilizing Maryland's HIE to develop and evaluate an inter-provider hospital readmission risk detection and notification system"
  • Anthony Leung,  Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
    "Circulating RNAs as transgenerational gene regulators and disease biomarkers"
  • Tianjing Li,  Epidemiology
    "Assessing feasibility of tele-rehabilitation in low vision patients"

2012 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients:

  • Lori Erby,  Health Behavior & Society (Ho Ching Yang Memorial Faculty Fellowship)
    "Exploration of attitudes and experiences of Maryland Hispanics with regard to a cancer-related biobank"
  • Sameera Talegawkar, International Health
    “Neighborhood environments, dietary patterns and risk for cardiovascular disease in African American"
  • Fengyi Wan,  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Ho Ching Yang Memorial Faculty Fellowship)
    "Role of RPS3 in ultraviolet radiation-induced activation of NF-kB"
  • Winnie Wan-yee Tang, Environmental Health Sciences
    "Epigenetic modulations of lung mesenchymal stem cells in mice exposed to house-dust mites"
  • Robert Wojciechowski, Epidemiology
    "Characterizating the human ocular bacterial microbiome using high-throughout sequencing"

2011 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients:

  • Alain Labrique, International Health
    “Wireless Public Health Technologies to Prevent Drowning"
  • Steven Bowman,  Health Policy & Management (HPM award)
    “Rural Prehospital Emergency Medical Services for Children”
  • Zhibin Wang, Environmental Health Sciences (Ho Ching Yang Cancer fund)
    "Explore the Functional Roles of Two Long Non-coding RNA's in Stem Cell Differentiation, Chromatic Structure and Gene Expression, and Lung Cancer Biology"
  • Mary Elizabeth Hughes, Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health (Gustav J. Martin fund)
    "Foundations for Studying the Well-being of Elders in Rural Uganda"


2010 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients:

  • Cheryl Anderson, Epidemiology
    “Tests of a New Biomarker for High Fructose Corn Syrup Intake in Humans"
  • Scott Bailey, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Ho Ching Yang Cancer Prevention Fund)
    “Structural Studies of V(D)J Recombination”
  • Jeffrey Leek, Biostatistics
    "Statistical and Computational Methods for RNA-seq"
  • Keshia Pollack, Health Policy & Management (HPM award)
    "Using Research to Advance the Role of Health Impact Assessments in Policymaking"
  • Jiou Wang, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
    "Identifying Key Genes Underlying Age-dependent Neurodegenerative Diseases in Caenorhabditis elegans Models"

2009 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients:

  • Jurgen Bosch, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    “Nanobodies as crystallization chaperones for essential Malaria parasite proteins leading to structure guided drug design"
  • Gypsamber D'Souza, Epidemiology
    “Oral Human Papillomavirus (HPV) transmission in cancer patients – associated oropharyngeal cancer and their partners”
  • Adam Spira, Mental Health
    “Sleep Disturbance in Older African Americans in Baltimore City: Functional Correlates and the Impact of Volunteering”

2008 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients:

  • John Bridges, Health Policy & Management
    "Assessing Women's preferences for cervical cancer screening using conjoint analysis"
  • Tamar Mendelson,  Mental Health
    "Affective and physiological effects of experimentally-induced social status"
  • Laura Murray-Kolb, International Health
    "Iron status and daily functioning in young women of reproductive age"

2007 Faculty Innovation Fund Recipients:

  • Sining Chen, Environmental Health Sciences & Biostatistics
    "Validation of DIGE Analysis Software DeCyder and Improved Analysis of DIGE Experiments"
  • DeLisa Fairweather, Environmental Health Sciences
    "A Coxsackievirus-induced model of Atherosclerosis"
  • Michelle J. Hindin, Population and Reproductive Health
    "Sex, Mood and Settings: Using Experience Sampling Methods and PDA's in Cebu, Philippines"
  • Sabra L. Klein, Microbiology & Immunology
    "Sex and susceptibility to Influenza"
  • Maria Merritt, International Health
    "Ancillary Care in Public Health Intervention Research in Resource-Limited Settings: Researchers' Practices and Decision-Making"
  • Holly Taylor, Health Policy & Management
    "Ancillary Care in Public Health Intervention Research in Resource-Limited Settings: Researchers' Practices and Decision-Making"
  • Elizabeth A. Stuart,  Mental Health
    "Sensitivity of Instrumental Variables and Propensity Score Methods when Dealing wiht Noncompliance"