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Resources Focusing on Systems of Care

Public MCH Program Functions Framework: Essential Public Health Services to Promote Maternal and Child Health in America. (1995). Holly Allen Grason and Bernard Guyer.
 - Full Document
 - Summary
 - State Applications

A Perinatal Health Framework That Incorporates a Lifespan Approach and a Multiple Determinants Model. A Working Paper. (2002). Dawn Misra, Bernard Guyer, and Adam Allston.

Early Childhood Health and Development

Reexamining the Organization of Perinatal Services Systems: A Preliminary Report. (2000). Donna Strobino, Holly Grason, Ann Koontz, and Gillian Silver.

"Rethinking the Organization of Children's Programs: Lessons from the Elderly." (1995). The Milbank Quarterly, 73(4), 565-97. Holly Grason and Bernard Guyer -- Reprint.

Rethinking the Organization of Children's Programs: Lessons from the Elderly. Executive Summary. (1995). Holly Grason and Bernard Guyer.
 - Technical Resource Briefs and Materials
 - Study Report

Resource Guide to Concepts and Methods for Community-Based and Collaborative Problem Solving. (1999). Marjory Ruderman.



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