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Resources Focusing on Quality of Care

Indicators of Quality in Family Planning Programming

Accountability and Quality Improvement for Perinatal Health

"Quality management in public and community health: examples from women's health." (2001). Quality Management in Health Care, 10(1), 54-64. Carol Weisman, Holly Grason, and Donna Strobino -- Reprint.

MCH Policy Research Brief: Quality, Quality Assessment, and Quality Assurance Considerations for Maternal and Child Health Populations and Practitioners. (1995). Holly Grason and Bernard Guyer.

Quality Measurements for Children with Special Health Care Needs.(2000). Holly Grason, Janis Lambert Connallon, Henry Ireys.

Assuring High Quality of Care for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Other Special Health Care Needs: Specifications for a Definition of Medical Necessity.(1999). Henry Ireys, Elizabeth Wehr, and Robert Cooke.

"Assuring Quality of Care for Children with Special Needs in Managed Care Organizations: Roles for Pediatricians." (1996). Pediatrics, 98(2), 178-185. Henry T. Ireys, Holly Grason, and Bernard Guyer -- Reprint.

Defining Medical Necessity: Strategies for Promoting Access to Quality Care for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Mental Retardation, and Other Health Care Needs.
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  - Executive summary

Using Data to Enhance Quality of Care For Children with Special Needs: The Role of Data Warehouses and Repositories.



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