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Fetal and Infant Mortality Review: Historical Foundations, Evaluation Findings, and Future Directions

Special Issue of the Maternal and Child Health Journal
Theme Editor: Arden Handler, DrPH

  1. Editorial: Thoughts About the National Evaluation of FIMR: Strategies for Evaluating Population-Based MCH Interventions
    Arden Handler

  2. The Evolution of Fetal and Infant Mortality Review as a Public Health Strategy
    Ann M. Koontz, Kathleen A. Buckley, Marjory Ruderman

  3. The FIMR Evaluation: Objectives, Concepts, Frameworks, and Methods
    Donna M. Strobino, Dawn P. Misra, Holly Grason

  4. Comparison of FIMR Programs with Other Perinatal Systems Initiatives
    Karen A. McDonnell, Donna M. Strobino, Katherine M. Baldwin, Holly Grason, Dawn P. Misra

  5. The Relation of FIMR Programs and Other Perinatal Systems Initiatives with Maternal and Child Health Activities in the Community
    Donna M. Strobino, Katherine M. Baldwin, Holly Grason, Dawn P. Misra, Karen A. McDonnell, Mira Liao, Adam A. Allston

  6. Perspectives on State Title V Programs' Involvement in FIMR Programs
    Holly Grason, Gillian B. Silver, State Title V Program Representatives

  7. Whither FIMRs?
    Carol J. Rowland Hogue

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