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Dyson Initiative National Evaluation Publications to Date

Spring 2008 Update

Published Manuscripts

"Pediatricians' involvement in community child health from 1989 to 2004." (2008). Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med, 162(7), 658-664. Cynthia Minkovitz, Karen O'Connor, Holly Grason, Anita Chandra, C. Andrew Aligne, Michael Kogan, and David Tayloe.

"Community Pediatrics: A Consistent Focus in Residency Training From 2002 to 2005." (2007).  Ambulatory Pediatrics, 7(4), 321-324. Barry Solomon, Cynthia Minkovitz, Holly Grason, and Carol Carraccio.

"Perspectives Regarding Community Child Health: Training,Involvement, and Expectations According to Age." (2007) Pediatrics: 120;1036-1043. Cynthia Minkovitz, Karen O'Connor, Holly Grason, Judith Palfrey, Anita Chandra, and Thomas Tonniges.

"Factors Influencing Community Pediatrics Training in Residency." (2007). J Pediatr, 150:119-20,120.e1-2. Cynthia Minkovitz, Anita Chandra, Barry Solomon, Lee Sanders, Holly Grason, and Carol Carraccio.

"Pediatricians’ Use of Language Services for Families with Limited English Proficiency." (2007). Pediatrics, 119:4;e920. Dennis Kuo, Karen O’Connor, Glenn Flores, and Cynthia Minkovitz.

"Pediatric Residents’ Perceptions of Community Involvement Prior to Residency." (2006). Ambul Pediatr, 6:337-341. Barry Solomon, Gregory Blaschke, Daniel West, Richard Pan, Lee Sanders, Nancy Swigonski, Earnestine Willis, and Donald Schwarz.

"Community Pediatrics: Gender Differences in Perspectives of Residents." (2006). Ambul Pediatr, 6:326-331.  Cynthia Minkovitz, Anita Chandra, Barry Solomon, Karen McDonnell, Gillian Silver, and Thomas Tonninges.

"Training in Community Pediatrics: A National Survey of Program Directors." (2004).  Ambul Pediatr, 4:476-481. Barry Solomon, Cynthia Minkovitz, Jennifer Mettrick, and Carol Carraccio.

Issue Briefs

Enhancing Community Pediatrics Training: Perspectives of Residents and Faculty of the Community Pediatrics Training Initiative (CPTI), Five Years Later.  Issue Brief, 2007. Erin Hansen and Cassandra Althauser.

Building Faculty Capacity for the Development of Community Pediatrics Residency Training. Issue Brief 2007. Jennifer Mettrick.

Perspectives of Pediatricians Regarding Community Involvement.  Issue Brief, 2006. Erin Hansen and Holly Grason.



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