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Wendy Klag Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities

Courses at JHSPH related to autism and developmental disabilities

Wendy Klag Center Core Faculty Member Calliope Holingue, MPH, PhD, teaches "Public Health Approaches in Autism and Developmental Disabilities" during the academic year. The course was developed by Dani Fallin, PhD, former WKC Director and current dean of the Emory Rollins School of Public Health, and Li-Ching Lee, PhD, a WKC Associate Director who passed away in 2021.

smiling woman in glasses Description: The course should be of use to anyone interested in a broad overview of autism epidemiological and etiological research and the methods employed, including public health professionals and those who must translate research findings in the clinical or educational setting. Thus, targeted audiences include students, academic faculty, public health, clinical, educational and programmatic professionals interested in autism.

 The term 3 class will be taught in a hybrid format.

See the course directory for the on-site class

See the course directory for the online class

Other courses at the Bloomberg School of Public Health that have application to autism and other developmental disabilities include:

Psychiatric Epidemiology

Genetic Epidemiology