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Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension

Many faculty members at the Welch Center aim to reduce the burden of CVD and improve the prevention and management of CVD from various perspectives.

Some members explore its risk factors, including hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and chronic kidney disease. Others explore social and environmental factors for CVD or special clinical populations at high risk for CVD, including those with serious mental illness, HIV, and sickle cell disease. Welch Center faculty have strong interests in CVD overall, as well as its subtypes including stroke, peripheral artery disease, and even cognitive decline, which might result from poorly controlled CVD risk factors.

A number of clinical trials, observational research studies, and healthcare studies (link to database search on cardiovascular disease) operated by Welch Center faculty foster ongoing and future collaborations and provide great research opportunities for trainees. NIH training grant (T32) for CVD supports 12 trainees at different stages every year and also provides basis for fruitful training at the Welch Center.

Welch Center Faculty with research interests in Cardiovascular Disease: Lawrence Appel, Jeanne Clark, Joe Coresh, Deidra Crews, Gail Daumit, Sherita Golden, Morgan Grams, Raquel Greer, Nisa Maruthur, Kunihiro Matsushita, Edgar Miller, Elizabeth Selvin, Nae-Yuh Wang, and Jessica Yeh.