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Core Faculty

Lawrence Appel
Lawrence J. Appel, MD, MPH

Director, Welch Center
C. David Molina Professor of Medicine
Director, ProHealth Clinical Research Unit

Research Interests: prevention and control of elevated blood pressure and its clinical consequences-cardiovascular disease and kidney disease; lifestyle modification and behavior change

Tammy Brady
Tammy Brady, MD, PhD

Associate Director, Welch Center
Vice Chair for Clinical Research, Department of Pediatrics
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatric Nephrology

Research Interests: pediatric hypertension, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease in children, obesity, blood pressure measurement

Shoshana Ballew, PhD
Shoshana H. Ballew, PhD

Associate Scientist, Department of Epidemiology

Research Interests: chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, aging

Mary Catherine Beach
Mary Catherine Beach, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine
Core Faculty, Berman Institute of Bioethics
Core Faculty, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity
Director, Office of Medical Student Research & Scholarship

Research Interests: health care quality for underserved populations; patient-clinician communication; sickle-cell disease; HIV and substance abuse; bioethics; respect

Wendy L. Bennett
Wendy L. Bennett, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Medicine
Director of Research, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians
Co-Director, The Johns Hopkins Center for Women’s Health, Sex & Gender Research

Research Interests: lifestyle and health behavior changes in pregnancy to promote healthy weight gain, and prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes and future chronic disease

Kathryn A. Carson, ScM

Sr. Research Associate, Department of Epidemiology
Associate Director, Methods & Shared Resources, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity

Research Interests: design and analysis of clinical trials; disparities research; cardiovascular disease and hypertension

Jeanne Clark
Jeanne M. Clark, MD, MPH

‘Frederick L. Brancati, MD’ Professor of Medicine
Director, Division of General Internal Medicine
Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Brancati Center for the Advancement of Community Care

Research Interests: obesity; diabetes mellitus; nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Lisa A. Cooper, MD, MPH
Lisa A. Cooper, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine
James F. Fries Professor of Medicine
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Equity in Health & Healthcare
Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity

Research Interests:  patient-centered, community-engaged interventions to reduce health disparities and improve health outcomes among socially disadvantaged populations; patient-physician communication and relationships; primary care of patients with chronic conditions

Josef Coresh, MD, PhD

Professor of Epidemiology
George W. Comstock Professor
Director, George W. Comstock Center for Public Health Research & Prevention

Research Interests: vascular disease in the heart, brain and kidney using cohort studies to understand risk factors and biomarkers that can guide prevention of cardiovascular disease and kidney disease

Deidra C. Crews
Deidra C. Crews MD, ScM

Professor of Medicine
Deputy Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity

Research Interests: hypertension; kidney disease; health equity; social determinants of health; nutrition; older adults

Rosa Crum, MD, MHS

Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine
Associate Director, Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Scholars Program

Research Interests: psychiatric disorders; mental illness; alcohol and substance use disorders

Gail Daumit
Gail L. Daumit, MD, MHS

Samsung Professor of Medicine
Vice Dean, Clinical Investigation
Director, Johns Hopkins ALACRITY Center for Health & Longevity in Mental Illness

Research Interests: cardiovascular disease risk and premature mortality in persons with mental illness; lifestyle and health behavior interventions, health services research, implementation science, patient safety


Justin B Echouffo Tcheugui

Justin B. Echouffo Tcheugui, MD, MPhil, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Research Interests: diabetes, endocrinology

Daniel Ford, MD, MPH
Daniel Ford, MD, MPH

David M. Levine Professor of Medicine
Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical & Translational Research

Research Interests: pragmatic clinical trials; clinical research informatics; smoking cessation; improving efficiency and quality of clinical trials

Sherita Golden
Sherita H. Golden, MD, MHS

Professor of Medicine
Hugh P. McCormick Family Professor of Endocrinology & Metabolism
Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Research Interests: diabetes mellitus; cardiovascular disease and endocrine epidemiology; inpatient diabetes health service research; mental health complications of diabetes; diabetes health disparities

Eliseo Guallar
Eliseo Guallar, MD

Professor of Epidemiology
Director, Environmental Epidemiology Track
Co-Director, PhD Program in Epidemiology
Adjunct Professor, Department of Clinical Research Design and Evaluation, Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences and Technology (SAIHST), Sungkyunkwan University

Research Interests: cardiovascular disease and chronic disease epidemiology; environmental risk factors for chronic diseases; nutritional epidemiology

Kim Gudzune
Kim Gudzune, MD, MPH

Associate Director, Welch Center
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, Healthful Eating, Activity & Weight Program

Research Interests: influence of obesity on the healthcare experience; lifestyle modification and health behavior among populations at risk for cardiovascular disease and obesity; translation of behavioral interventions into clinical practice and community settings


caitlin hicks

Caitlin Hicks, MD, MS

Associate Professor of Surgery

Research Interests: clinical outcomes; aortic aneurysm; peripheral vascular disease; congenital aortic pathology; aberrant subclavian artery; aortic cortication; diabetic foot ulcer; high-value care; implementation science

Junichi Ishigami, MD
Junichi Ishigami, MD

Assistant Scientist, Department of Epidemiology

Research Interests: chronic kidney disease; cardiovascular disease; cardiorenal syndrome; infectious disease; vaccination


Michael J. Klag, MD

Dean Emeritus, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Second Century Distinguished Professor
Professor of Medicine

Nisa M. Maruthur
Nisa M. Maruthur, MD, MHS

Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, General Internal Medicine Fellowship Program
Director of Community Program Implementation, The Johns Hopkins Brancati Center for the Advancement of Community Care

Research Interests: diabetes prevention; type 2 diabetes; obesity; clinical trials

Kunihiro Matsushita
Kunihiro Matsushita, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Research Interests: peripheral vascular disease, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and hypertension; obesity and diabetes

Edgar Miller
Edgar R Miller III, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine
Deputy Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical & Translational Science
Director, Clinical Research Scholars Program (KL-2)

Research Interests: hypertension; kidney disease; nutrition

Noel Mueller, PhD

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Research Interests: microbiome, nutrition, life-course and environmental epidemiology; pregnancy outcomes; placenta; prevention of obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cardiovascular disease

Scott Pilla, MD, MHS
Scott J. Pilla, MD, MHS

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Research Interests: diabetes; hypoglycemia prevention; patient-physician communication; clinical trials

Craig Pollack
Craig Pollack, MD, MHS

Katey Ayers Endowed Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management
Associate Chair, Department of Health Policy and Management

Research Interests: social determinants of health with a focus on housing policy and neighborhood context; cancer health services research

Tanjala S. Purnell, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Director, Community & Stakeholder Engagement for the Epidemiology Research Group in Organ Transplantation

Research Interests: epidemiology and health services research related to kidney disease transplantation; health equity; cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity and diabetes 

Casey Rebholz, PhD

Associate Professor of Epidemiology​

Research Interests: cardiovascular disease and hypertension; kidney disease; biomarkers; omics; nutrition

Elizabeth Selvin
Elizabeth Selvin, PhD, MPH

Professor of Epidemiology
Director, Cardiovascular & Clinical Epidemiology Track

Research Interests: type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease; diagnostics and biomarkers for screening and diagnosis of diabetes and cardiovascular disease; optimizing approaches to screening and management of prediabetes and diabetes; interface of epidemiology and clinical and public health policy; wearable devices; continuous glucose monitoring

Jung-Im Shin
Jung-Im Shin, MD

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Research Interests: pharmacoepidemiology; diabetes mellitus; chronic kidney disease; health disparities; cardiovascular disease

Eva Tseng, MD, MPH
Eva Tseng, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Research Interests: prevention and treatment of diabetes, obesity, and related conditions; translation of evidence-based care into clinical practice through pragmatic intervention studies

Maya Venkataramani, MD, MPH
Maya Venkataramani, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Associate Director, Community Program Implementation, Johns Hopkins Brancati Center for the Advancement of Community Care
Research Interests: improving the delivery of primary care and preventive services to underserved and low-income communities through family-oriented, community-based approaches and studying the impacts of health-related policies across generations

Nae-Yuh Wang, PhD, MS

Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, Childhood Development After Cochlear Implantation Study Data Coordinating Center
Co-Director, Methods Core, The ALACRITY Center for Health and Longevity in Mental Illness

Research Interests: childhood development after pediatric cochlear implementation; improving health and wellbeing in people with mental illness; preventing postoperative delirium in surgical patients; evaluation of vestibular implantation in Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction; lifestyle and health behavior interventions for proper body weight in pregnancy and among cancer survivor; clinical trials, longitudinal follow-up studies, EMR based health research

Hsin-Chieh Jessica Yeh
Hsin-Chieh "Jessica" Yeh, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Research Interests: clinical trials of lifestyle intervention; epidemiology of obesity and diabetes, and their relationship with cancer