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Welch Center Open House, December 2010

New Welch Center Director, Dr. Larry Appel, and outgoing --
not to mention relieved! -- Interim Director, Dr. Fred
 Brancati say a few words of welcome
Faculty, staff, and trainees listen while visions of salmons,
crabcakes and more dance through their heads
Dr. Sherita Golden (l.) and her minions, Uvonna Taylor and
Mohammad Naqibuddin survey the festive spread

Welch Center faculty members Dr. Pete Miller and Kit Carson
await their turn to sing, while Dr. Liz Selvin seems distracted
by her husband's and son's idea of fun    
Another group waits their turn to sing a line
Uh-oh! Two directors directing!
After eating and singing, there's dancing.
Erika Vaitekunas (l.) and Dr. Jessica Yeh
join the line-dancing crowd.
Dr. Felicia Hill-Briggs looks confident, while Dr. Larry Appel
and Dr. Kuni Matsushita look around for some pointers.
Dr. Lisa Cooper heads up this line, while
Dr. Josef Coresh brings up the rear.

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