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Party to Celebrate Dr. Linda Kao's Promotion to Associate Professor, September, 2007

Dr. Kao's Promotion 8

Director Dr. Neil Powe offers the Welch Center's official congratulations
to Dr. Linda Kao on her promotion to Associate Professor

Dr. Kao's Promotion 9

Dr. Kao's Promotion 12 

This must be a good story!

Dr. Kao's Promotion 10

                          Faculty members listen intently

Dr. Kao's Promotion 11

A beautiful breakfast buffet


Dr. Kao's Promotion 30

Dr. Linda Kao with Drs. Frederick Brancati, Josef Coresh and Neil Powe

Kao Promotion Party 15

                              Dr. Kao with her niece


Dr. Kao's Promotion 24

Dr. Kao with fellow Welch Center Core Faculty members,
 Lucy Meoni and Dr. Brad Astor

Kao Promotion Party 17a
Kao Promotion Party 21

Drs. Richey Sharrett and Brad Astor

Dr. Kao's Promotion 23

Dr. Linda Kao and colleague Lucy Meoni

Kao promotion Party 25

Kristina Weeks, Nancy Fink

Kao Promotion Party 31

Drs. Brancati, Kao and Coresh

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