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Personal Account #1

By: Marty Lev

While meeting with my doctor last spring, we discussed my current health situation. I was diabetic and on three different medications, as well as medication for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I was complaining about being tired all the time, and not able to keep up with my 4-year-old. My doctor asked me if I was "hoping for a miracle," as I had not taken care of myself but wanted all of my health problems to go away. He told me he would give me three months to work on it on my own. He gave me a flyer for the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center and sent me on my way.

Well, I found my miracle. I started on the Hopkins program, July 15, 2005. I chose their most aggressive program. I knew I needed to see results fast to keep me motivated.

In the first four weeks, I lost almost 25 pounds. By the time I was eight weeks into the program, I was completely off of two diabetic medications, and my cholesterol medication dosage was cut in half. I had begun a pretty rigorous exercise program and at the 8-week point, I saw from a body composition chart that I was losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass. I could see it on paper and that was just what I needed to keep going.

By January 2006, I had lost about 70 pounds. I was down 10 inches in my waist, and I felt great. I was taken off my remaining diabetic medication and my blood pressure medication.

More important to me, I had energy. I had lots of energy. I could run and play with my son after a full day at the office, and I felt great.

I have moved into the maintenance phase of the program, even though I want to lose another ten pounds or so. I felt it was time to learn about food all over again. My weight loss has slowed, but my energy level remains high, and I feel great. I haven’t been this thin in more than 20 years and people notice.

I attribute my success to several factors. First and foremost, the supplements taste good. I tried supplement programs in the past and they were terrible. This program offers a variety of choices and they really taste good.

Secondly, the staff is absolutely first rate. They are there to help you through every phase of weight loss.

Thirdly, the group meetings were important. It was nice to commiserate with others in the same boat, to learn other perspectives to weight loss. Several of us communicated outside of the meetings. It was like we had our own support group.

As far as I am concerned, the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center is a "miracle." I never thought weight loss could be fun, but I actually enjoyed losing weight. I think I will enjoy keeping it off too!


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