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Personal Account #4

By: Ann S.

Reflecting on the last two years, there are two definitive things I can say about myself, one, that I used to be morbidly obese and the other, thank goodness I finally realized I had to do something to change my life.

Does this sound familiar?  I couldn’t fit in a movie seat, couldn’t stand for more than fifteen minutes at a time, had to purchase two seats on an airplane and needed a seatbelt extender.  I even struggled crossing the threshold into my own home.  My life was very restricted because of my weight.

It is important to remember this because it reminds me that there is no better investment than taking care of your health. The people with the experience and knowledge to guide you are the staff at the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center.  With their help I reduced my BMI from 60.9 to 29.4.  I now enjoy ballroom dancing, exercise, walking, and even light jogging. I started taking voice lessons and now sing in a local chorale group.  My level of activity is higher than I could have ever imagined!

There is no doubt in my mind that the day I walked in the door of the JHWMC was the start of my new life. The key is to be willing to make not one big change, but many small ones, one at a time.  I learned from the experts at the JHWMC, and I intend to maintain my current (much lower) weight for life.”


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