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Our trainees come from a variety of backgrounds – from internal medicine to health policy to engineering, each with an interest in better understanding and improving health outcomes for persons with serious mental illness.

Trainee list

  • Chia-Hsiu Chang, doctoral student, Department of Civil Engineering 
  • Wanyu Huang, doctoral student, Department of Civil Engineering  
  • Carly Lupton-Smith, doctoral student, Department of Biostatistics 
  • Elizabeth Stone, MSPH, doctoral candidate, Department of Health Policy and Management   
  • Elizabeth Vrany, PhD, post-doctoral fellow, Division of General Internal Medicine 
  • Qi Wang, doctoral student, Department of Civil Engineering
  • Elizabeth Bianca Sarker, MS, doctoral candidate, Department of Biostatistics 
  • Katrina Rodriguez, MHS, doctoral student, Department of Mental Health
  • Maria Grajeda Martinez,  Doctoral Diversity Program, Division of General Internal Medicine 
  • Kristal Brown, PhD, MSPH, postdoctoral research fellow, Division of General Internal Medicine
  • Trang Nguyen, PhD, Assistant Scientist, Department of Mental Health 
  • Ruiyi Gao, MD candidate, School of Medicine