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Spatial Science for Public Health Center

Open Access Platforms for Spatial Data

Baltimore and Maryland Sources

Open Baltimore 

○  An open data program managed by the Baltimore City Office of the Chief Data Officer to aggregate data relevant to Baltimore City

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA) 

○  An organization at the University of Baltimore aiming to provide accurate data and objective research to describe the social, economic and quality-of-life issues impacting the City

Baltimore CityView

○  A web-based GIS application designed to provide selected spatial information about City of Baltimore overarching businesses, managed by CDO

Maryland iMAP

○  A mapping and GIS data portal by Maryland state government including access to spatial and non-spatial data and imagery

Maryland Food System Map

  An interactive mapping platform displaying data on the food system, environment and public health, created by Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

Baltimore Department of Health

○  Provides links to Baltimore and Maryland data sources focusing on health, as well as links to various health department reports in PDF format

Baltimore Department of Planning

○  Provides links to raw data sources as well as data products with attention to people and demographics; education, children & economic well-being; transportation and housing; environment and health; and inequality in Baltimore

GIS and Maps at Johns Hopkins

○  Provides a list of, and links to, popular data sources that focus on Baltimore and Maryland

Urban Health Institute

○  JHSPH-affiliated institute focusing on East Baltimore. Provides a list of links to various Baltimore statistics data sources.

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

○  Provides a variety of interactive maps with information (mostly by county) on neighborhood characteristics and measures of economic development and well-being

Chesapeake Bay Program

○  Provides observed and derived measurements of water quality and nutrients for fresh and tidal waters related to the Chesapeake Bay

National Data Sources

The Census (American FactFinder)

○  Provides a broad range of data, does not include shapefiles

The Census (TIGER/Line)

○  Provides the shapefiles for nationwide geographies defined by the Census

National Centers for Environmental Information

○  Provides climate data, affiliated with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Environmental Protection Agency

○  Provides environmental data

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

○  Provides health data

United States Geological Survey

○  Provides environmental and satellite-derived imagery

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

○  Provides satellite-derived imagery