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Keyword: family caregiving

Unmet family caregiver training needs associated with acute care utilization during home health care

In a new Journal of the American Geriatrics Society study supported by the T32 Training Program in Health Service and Outcomes Research for Aging Populations grant, first author Julia Burgdorf found that unmet training needs among family caregivers are associated with greater likelihood of acute care utilization among Medicare beneficiaries receiving home health care. Rates of unmet need for training varied by activity, from 8.2% of family caregivers assisting with household chores to 16.0% assisting with self-care tasks. Investigators suggest that identifying and addressing family caregivers' training needs may reduce older adults' risk of acute care utilization during home health care. 

Family Caregiver Training Needs and Medicare Home Health Visit Utilization

A study led by Julia Burgdorf, and co-authors Elizabeth Stuart, Alicia Arbaje, and Jennifer Wolff in Medical Care found that family caregivers' activity-specific training needs may affect home health visit utilization. The researchers analyzed data from participants receiving Medicare-funded home health between 2011 and 2016 using linked National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS), Outcomes and Assessment Information Set (OASIS), and Medicare claims data. Key findings included that receipt of nursing visits was more likely when family caregivers had an identified need for training related to medication management or household chores and receipt of therapy visits was more likely when caregivers had an identified need for training related to self-care tasks. Read more

Older Adult Factors Associated With Identified Need for Family Caregiver Assistance During Home Health Care

A study led by doctoral student Julia Burgdorf with Alicia Arbaje and Jennifer Wolff in Home Health Care Management & Practice analyzes the role of family caregivers during Medicare home health visits. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently enacted a policy that requires home health providers to assess family caregivers’ abilities and offer training and education. The study finds nearly 9 in 10 Medicare beneficiaries receiving home health care require family caregiver assistance in addition to care from home health care: the majority require assistance with 5 or more health care activities. Study findings support calls to develop training interventions and strengthen the partnership between home health providers and family caregivers. ...Read More

Care Arrangements of Older Adults: What They Prefer, What They Have, and Implications for Quality of Life

Study by Dr. Judith Kasper, Dr. Jennifer Wolff & Maureen Skehan in The Gerontologist finds that overall, about 9 of 10 older persons view in-home care with caregivers and assisted living as the best care options....Read More