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The Roger C. Lipitz Center for Integrated Health Care

Research-In-Progress Seminars

September 29, 2006
JoAnna Case Famadas, Doctoral Candidate
Patient Activation and Use of Medical Services in Medicare

November 10, 2006
Erin Rand-Giovannetti, Doctoral Candidate
Cross Survey Comparison of Caregiving in the United States: A Review of the methodology for Studying Caregivers

December 1, 2006
Jonathan Weiner, PhD & Chad Abrams, MA
Using Medical and Pharmacy Claims to Measure Health Status Among Medicare Enrollees: Applications to Research and Care Management

January 4, 2007
Jessica Langbaum, Doctoral Candidate
Understanding Heterogeneity in Response to Memory Training in Older Adults: Results from ACTIVE
**Hampton House 208

February 2, 2007
Michelle Carlson, PhD
Risk Modifiers of Age-Related Cognitive and Functional Decline

March 2, 2007
Allison Lipitz, Doctoral Candidate
Evaluating the Impact of the Michigan ICU Project

April 6, 2007
Christopher Seplaki, PhD
A Comparison of Biomarkers Across Two Older Populations in the U.S. and Taiwan

June 1, 2007
Bruce Leff, MD
Guided Care Update

All seminars are held at the East Baltimore Campus, Hampton House, 624 N. Broadway, Room 250, Baltimore, MD  21205 unless otherwise noted (**).

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