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Addressing the Needs of Key Populations in Relation to HIV/AIDS

Formative Research among Key Populations in Swaziland
This study collects quantitative and qualitative data on HIV prevalence, risk behaviors, and socio-structural aspects of HIV-related risk among sex workers and MSM recruited through respondent-driven sampling. Combined Qualitative & Quantitative Report | Quantitative Report

Addressing Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention (PHDP) Needs of HIV-Infected Key Populations in Swaziland and the Dominican Republic
This study explores the social experiences and PDHP needs, including challenges accessing HIV treatment, care and support and ongoing prevention services, of HIV-infected sex workers and MSM in Swaziland and the Dominican Republic. Full Report | Research Brief

Understanding HIV-Related Vulnerability among Sex Workers and Their Regular Partners in the Dominican Republic
This study seeks to understand the context and dynamics of HIV risk among female sex workers and their male, regular partners and will develop and pilot an integrated prevention and care intervention based on formative research findings. Full Report | Research Brief | Spanish Report | Spanish Brief

Evaluating a Pilot Combination HIV Prevention Intervention for Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Malawi
This study develops and pilots a multi-level comprehensive approach to HIV prevention among MSM in Malawi. Full Report | Research Brief

West Africa Research for Programming Project among Sex Workers and MSM in Cameroon, Burkina Faso, and Togo
This study uses data triangulation, qualitative methods, respondent-driven sampling and venue-based sampling surveys to assess HIV prevalence, risk behaviors, socio-structural aspects of HIV-related risk, and HIV-related services among sex workers and MSM in Cameroon, Burkina Faso, and Togo. Full Report | Research Brief | Résumé de Recherche 
Burkina Faso Brief | Résumé de Recherche  
Cameroon Brief | Résumé de Recherche  
Togo Brief | Résumé de Recherche